Any woman (and even men) can get breast cancer which is why it is so important to know about the disease and know about all potential treatments. It is often not clear why some people get cancer and others do not, and the more we learn about the disease, the better we get at curing it. Read more…

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  • Carrol Boyes Raises Breast Cancer Awareness through Ribbon Pendant
    Carrol Boyes raises breast cancer awareness and shows support for CANSA, during the month of October, by giving a portion of the proceeds from the ribbon pendant to CANSA. #breastcancerawareness #charity #giveback The post Carrol Boyes Raises Breast Cancer Awareness through Ribbon Pendant appeared first on CANSA - The Cancer Association of South Africa.
  • Embracing Responsibility for Women’s Health
    During October CANSA highlights the important role that women can play in taking ownership of their personal health. According to statistics from the National Cancer Registry (NCR) 2014, the top five cancers affecting women in SA include: breast, cervical, colorectal, uterine and lung cancer. It’s important to empower women, with knowledge regarding lowering their cancer […]

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  • New laws needed now to save lives: FTPL statement on new IP policy
    Intellectual property policy welcomed after nine years of development JOHANNESBURG, 31 MAY 2018 – Yesterday, after nine years of development, the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) finally published the Intellectual Property Policy of the Republic of South Africa, Phase I. The policy has been adopted by cabinet and as such represents official government policy, […]
  • South African Cabinet Approves New Intellectual Property Policy
      The Fix the Patent Laws Coalition (FTPL) welcomes the news today that the Cabinet of the Government of South Africa has approved the new Intellectual Property (IP) Policy. After nine years of policy development, two different draft policies and various rounds of public consultation, we now finally have an agreed-upon government policy that can […]

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    Vice Chair of Reach for Recovery S.A. Alison Ayre lead this year’s training (August) which was different in several ways as only one of the original 6 applicants actually attended the training! There were 10 experienced volunteers who attended the refresher course of which 2 partook in the Train the Trainer course. This was the […]
    On 15 September 2018, Stephné Jacobs, Chairperson of the Reach for Recovery (RFR) Board of Management was the guest of honour at a  breast cancer survivors day which was held at Matenga Cultural Village in Mbabane, Swaziland.  She was invited by the Swaziland Cervical and Breast Cancer Network (SBCCN), a non-profit organisation with whom RFR […]