Be-YOU-tiful with the tweak&STYLE team

We know that some days putting an outfit together feels like getting kicked in the teeth by a smelly hoof. Add to the mix…trying to put an outfit together while undergoing cancer treatment…You may quip, “Does anyone even care what I wear to the chemo room? Most probably not, but then again this article is not about everyone else, it is about you! We also know that you may struggle to smile at your reflection when looking in the mirror; you may see flaw before you see asset, and believe negative before positive. But, we also know that self-confidence is a choice – a decision that you can make everyday! To assist you with that decision, we share our top tricks to boost your confidence! Looking good isn’t only about impressing the masses, but, more importantly, about feeling good about yourself.



This is probably the easiest trick of them all. Anytime I see lipstick on a woman, I think that she spent hours getting ready. A bright colour, like red, pink or orange, will instantly take  centre stage and give you a brighter appearance. Make sure you choose a shade that is in your colour palette. Wearing the wrong-suited colour can change your skin tone, and then no longer be an added value to your face. Even if this is all the make-up you put on, you will instantly feel a difference.

Short heels

Okay, so maybe the mere mention of heels makes you want to run for the hills. Rest assured, we are by no means implying you give up your comfort for the day. Truth is, there are a lot of options out there that are super comfortable and just enough to enhance your outfit. Try a shorter sandal option with thick heels. These will be easier to walk in and give you a confidence boost. Remember, longer legs equals half the butt. P.S. Sandals look much better on pedicured feet – go treat yourself.

Statement handbags

This will require a bit of pre-planning to make sure your statement bag works. Invest in a great bag with either an interesting print or a pop of colour and let the bag do the talking. Make sure it is a classic style of bag that won’t date and can be worn with clothing you already own. Compliment your bag with an outfit of minimal or neutral colour, and let your bag take the spotlight! So, basically you can put minimum effort into your outfit and then glam it up  with your handbag.


There is nothing like a great accessory to lift your mood and your outfit! Choosing a gorgeous bold earring, for instance, can enhance your skin tone, draw attention to your face while taking your outfit to the next level. Remember any scarf, necklace, bracelet or bag will have   the same effect. We believe that the right accessory can make an ordinary outfit extraordinary.

Hair and headwear

The 2017 hair trends are already in full swing! This year, we will be seeing a lot of pixie cuts and short side boy cuts with volume on top. Why not try these options, if your hair is starting to grow back and needs to be shaped into a style. If you’re looking to buy a wig, the dead straight long sleek look is the 2017 must-have hairdo. Headwraps are still in and boosting style and confidence globally (You see, cancer headwear is starting trends everywhere). Find interesting prints, soft comfortable fabrics, and learn how to tie various styled headwraps.

Meet our experts - The tweak&STYLE team

The tweak&STYLE team are Tessa Sprawson, Rani Christopoulos and Janine Starkey. Built on the foundation of House of Janine’s mantra “look good, feel good, perform”, they have developed a service that allows you to have style delivered to your door.