5 breast cancer apps you should know about

Check out Dr Sumayya Ebrahim’s top five picks of breast cancer apps.

breast cancer apps


FREE; COMPATIBILITY: iPhone only; iOS 9.3 or later model.

BRisk looks at breast cancer risk. It can be used by either you or your doctor to determine your risk of breast cancer, based on family history alone. Calculations are based on a mathematical system, called the Claus model.

Note, this tool is not a substitution for formal cancer risk assessment by a skilled clinician. However, it may give you an idea of your risk before you see a qualified clinician. Both invasive cancer and ductal carcinoma-in situ (DCIS) can be used on this app, although in the presence of a positive BRCA gene the app can’t be used. BRisk is a valuable tool for any medical person working in  the field of cancer.

breast cancer apps


FREE; COMPATIBILITY: iPhone only; iOS 8 or later model.

Developed by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, this app is a guide for women and their families who have been touched by breast cancer. It contains a host of information and online videos.

Members can also link up with other survivors to chat about common problems or side effects of treatments. They can watch other stories and share their own. This is a fantastic resource for someone who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

breast cancer apps


FREE; COMPATIBILITY: iPhone only; iOS 7.0 or later model.

Part of the journey after a breast cancer diagnosis is to improve well-being and survival. This app focuses on diet and exercise to improve quality of life of survivors.

It provides recipes, calculates your BMI and tracks your fitness or exercise goals. It is especially useful if you want to maintain or start focusing on your lifestyle during your treatments and beyond.

breast cancer apps


FREE; COMPATIBILITY: Android 4.0 and up.

Owise helps you to gain control over your illness and treatments. It allows you to track how you’re feeling, and share graphs and patterns with your medical team. Important conversations with your doctor can be recorded for review later. You can also receive personalised information regarding your treatment.

breast cancer apps


FREE; COMPATIBILITY: Android 4.4 and up, iPhone 9.0 or later model.

The focus of Breast Check Now is to make self-breast examinations easier, by teaching you the correct technique for self-examination. It also allows you to plan when to check your breasts and then reminds you. In addition, the information on the app will make you get to know your breasts better.

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Dr Sumayya Ebrahim is a gynaecologist in private practice in Johannesburg.