I am 70 years old and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I am 70 years old and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Will my treatment be more aggressive?

It has been my experience that you will get the same treatment as a younger patient. The consensus seems to be that an older patient can handle almost any treatment a younger person can. Of course each patient is different, not only in the type of breast cancer they have, but also her general health. Chemotherapy has been by far the hardest part of therapy for me because of one of the most common side-effects, namely fatigue.  Cancer is a tricky little bugger, but this is a battle you can win!

I know that you are probably scared, but technology, good medicine, and the high cancer survival rate is on your side. At this time, it is important to listen to your medical team, keep your appointments and know that the benefits of chemotherapy will outweigh the risks. Keep in mind that many people die in a car accident, or even from a common cold (depending on their health). You have to find strength inside yourself and use the love and support around you to kick some cancer ass.  Without a positive attitude, the ass-kicking is not as easy. Cancer and chemotherapy may take your hair, possibly your toenails, and even your breasts, but it doesn’t have to take your life! You’ve got cancer – it doesn’t have you.

With the modern technology and the treatments available today, your chances of beating cancer are very high. Keep your head up and always say to yourself “this too shall pass”. Your positive attitude is vital in the healing process.

You are a warrior, so you put on your armour and march with confidence to each of your appointments! Be strong, keep a journal, and surround yourself with positive people. We are all with you in spirit. Remember breast cancer is not a death sentence! One day very soon, your story will be an inspiration to someone else.


Written by Rebecca Musi