A Winter’s Tale

Winter has arrived, and with it the early morning chilly breeze and early sunsets. For me, winter is a time for home fires, wholesome food and family get togethers.

But not all of us have the family we all so desire. Some of us were privileged to have a family, but lost it for different reasons. My heart goes out to everyone whose families were destroyed in their struggle with cancer. The latest studies have revealed that more and more young people are now diagnosed with cancer, either of the womb or breast. Some of these women are mothers to young children, sisters, daughters and wives.

A dear friend approached me the other day and told me a very sad story. She visited a relative who lived in a beautiful home with her young children. Her house was always clean but it had a foul, pungent smell. This friend of mine eventually found out that the smell was coming from her friend’s breast. The smell came from her rotting flesh. By the time she convinced her friend to get medical help it was too late. She had breast cancer and sadly, she passed away.

Some of us are scared of getting tested, but I cannot stress enough how important self-examination is. It is better to lose a breast and survive breast cancer than to leave your young children without their mother. Stop worrying about what you will look like without your breast, or breasts, or that your husband will no longer find you attractive. Just take the first step!

As we snuggle up to our loved ones let’s continue supporting these young women for whom everyday is a constant battle. Please do not lose your fighting spirit and your faith in God. And as winter passes by, remember your perseverance.

Your Buddy For Life

Lillian Dube

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