An abundance

A dedication to all those in a supporting role through the years at the CANSA Support Group.

When we experience an abundance of something be it time, possessions, health or life, we tend to rush through it, even abuse it at times, or alternatively it may become an article of boredom: “I am bored there’s nothing to do; my clothes have become boring I need to renew my cupboard; life is nothing but the same day over and over again; etc.” 

Within the boundaries of plenty we become careless. We can do with less food intake, less water consumption, fewer conflicts, much less judgement and so forth, but because we know there is enough and tomorrow is another day, we become wasteful. The moment a commodity becomes scarce or under pressure, its value increases and we take care; we become attuned to the fact that it might run out. Or becomes unavailable to us. Which at the best of times is a frightening thought!

Life does run out. Steadily each life (mine & yours) will run out but in a way, we can live with that. Can we? The question is how do we accompany the life of our loved one that is running out? Suddenly the days ahead have no future, the energy light is low and the surrounding darkness seems to be encroaching surreptitiously. What do we do with the helplessness that is part of this scenario, how do we act as a supporter in this very last and closing chapter of life’s drama? What is our role, how has our role changed? Do we cling to hope when no hope is left, do we beseech the Powers to Be, do we desperately try that new unproven treatment?

I don’t know. I merely pose these questions because a few of our Support Group members have had to visit this point in their lives during the last few months. You enter a waiting game. But during this time the abundance has disappeared to make space for the treasured few days, the memories, the mutual appreciation for a life shared. During these last few steps life suddenly resurrects itself and an abundance of grace enters this relationship. Accepting that, makes the end journey so precious and enduring.

Written By Dr Magda Rall.