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Here are some articles from way back…

Rekindle your love in 36 questions

In 1997 a psychologist, Arthur Aron, published a study in which he had succeeded in ...

Beauty can be more than skin deep

The lovely Teniqua de Fonseca, the reigning Miss Portugal SA, is more than just a ...


You were beautifully and wonderfully made.  Regardless of what you’ve been through, how your body

Fifty Shades of Grey – a distraction

“Have you read this book,” asked my patient, her eyes lighting up. Bending down she ...

The ramifications of tamoxifen and your decision to exercise

In the summer issue of this magazine, I wrote on the topic of your choices ...

Juicing – making the most of fruit and vegetables

Aim for at least 5 servings per day of fruit and vegetables. Buy seasonal to ...

A letter to a friend

It is not enough to say I am sorry. It was your funeral today; I ...

Look Good Feel Better accessories

While undergoing cancer treatment you may look different, or you may feel that you look

The silver lining to a mastectomy for Iola Laranja-da Cunha

No matter how you sugar coat it, a mastectomy remains a bitter pill to swallow. ...

By the death of a friend

About eighteen months ago a friend died. This is the first time I have written ...

Am I still sexy?

I am 28 and had no problem meeting men before my breast cancer diagnosis. I ...

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is used to help people manage physical and emotional problems, by using creative ...

Discrimination or good business practice?

The practice by medical aid schemes of excluding treatments on the basis of the past ...

Global research study prompts launch of locally driven national anti-stigma cancer campaign

A global cancer research study conducted in a number of low to middle income countries, ...

Style tips for dressing well this autumn

As much as I prefer summer time, autumn brings with it countless opportunities to snuggle ...

Take charge of your health: Why exercise is so important

We’re living in an exciting age that sees conventional wisdom being given a bloody nose ...

The distress of Vaginal Atrophy

When you are dealing with the diagnosis of breast cancer and the stress of surgery, ...

Family – the glue that holds your life together

Until recently, cancer had been considered a terminal illness – people who were diagnosed with

Decoding the CCMA

Most people with breast cancer are able to go to work and do other everyday ...

Knowing joy

There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward - Kahlil Gibran ...


Following initial meetings in June 2011, South Africa’s Cancer NGOs have unified with one voice, ...

Autumn leaves

Tree leaves layering themselves upon each other is nature’s way of suggesting we start doing ...

The role of physiotherapy in the management of patients throughout their cancer journey

Our aim is to assist the person with cancer in achieving maximum physical functioning within ...

Breast tuberculosis (TB): diagnosis and treatment

TB of the breast is an uncommon disease that is often difficult to differentiate from ...

Cancer and nutritional supplements

There is a large variety of vitamin and mineral supplements available in the shops and ...

Tooth Sensitivity

Possibly one of the most annoying conditions to suffer from is tooth sensitivity. Not being ...

Vaginal Dryness and Infection

Diseases and medications can cause a variety of vaginal problems that lead to vaginal dryness,

My Walk with Breast Cancer

I am a 30 year-old woman with a lot of spark and energy! I have

I’m Still Standing – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

My name is John Kirtland and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2008.

Winning Wigs

“Don’t look on hair loss as a negative! Embrace the inevitable and use the opportunity

Effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the heart

Following my initial article in the Summer edition of Buddies For Life I would like

Jenna Skews: a schoolgirl’s courageous journey

This article was first published in Buddies For Life 2012 summer issue. Written by Anelle ...

Lymphoedema – The ‘Silent’ Chronic Disease Part 1

Steve Norton defines Lymphoedema as an abnormal accumulation of protein-rich fluid in the spaces between


Lymphoedema is an abnormal swelling found, most commonly, in the arms and/or legs, but can

Prescribed Minimum Benefits

Prescribed Minimum Benefits entitle you to many benefits regardless of what medical scheme or option

Maintaining Good Health

Cancer survivors understand how important an early diagnosis is for saving lives, not just with