Aug/Sept 2021 – Living Beyond Cancer

Welcome to another amazing issue. Let’s start with Just keep swimming from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory fame as this is what I based my article of managing a cancer journey on; but also because of the amount of fear and anxiety we all have with COVID, cancer, cash flow, and just coping. We all need to just keep swimming.

The quote, “The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them” comes to mind when reading The upside of COVID: we have built a great sense of community. Shout out to all our essential workers!

We see the light of new life with the stories of chemo and babies in Pregnancy after breast cancer and Surprise pregnancy. 

Managing radiation for the plus sizes is discussed in Obesity in radiation oncology. To this I say, “Loving your body only when it is in perfect shape is like loving your kids only when they are well-behaved.” Remember, we are all far from perfect. We could have a flatter stomach, clearer skin, whiter teeth, better hair, less faulty joints, but at least we don’t have ugly hearts.

Let’s inspire positiveness and start by sharing with our buddies and giving forward because nothing in this world is impossible; even the word says IM possible. And in the words of Og Mandino, “I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.”

Your Buddie For Life
Prof Carol-Ann Benn

Cover photo by T Photography | Facebook: @tphotography18

In this issue

Super Survivor

Genevieve Rademeyer – Pregnancy after breast cancer

New mother and triple negative breast cancer survivor, Genevieve Rademeyer, shares the heart-warming story of ...


Wigs and hair growth: 101

Your hair should add to your innate beauty and personality, make you feel radiant and ...

Pilates after breast cancer surgery

Pilates is a top choice for recovery from breast cancer surgery. Fiona Hardie, a Pilates ...

How to manage joint stiffness and pain caused by hormone blockers

PORi oncology and breast cancer rehabilitation therapist, Gabriella Kourie, shares easy ways to curb joint ...

Bagezile Masondo: Surprise pregnancy

Three months after completing treatment, Bagezile Masondo felt a fullness in her breast and experienced vomiting. What she ...



Newly diagnosed: the next steps to take

Kyrie de Beer and Ouma Mamatela speak us through how the steps of a newly ...

Obesity in radiation oncology

Obesity may negatively influence cancer treatment and outcomes for a variety of reasons. Clinical and radiation ...

The upside of COVID: we have built a great sense of community

Running a breast department and providing breast cancer services at any given time is a ...


Just keep swimming

Prof Carol-Ann Benn explains why you need to ‘just keep swimming’ when dealing with the ...


Lymphofluoroscopy: changing lives

We learn how lymphatic system mapping and associated draining technique is changing lives of lymphoedema ...

Online Features

Nutritional support during cancer treatment

We learn how nutritional support can help manage side effects during cancer treatment. A cancer ...

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