Boundless Love

Reiki master and healing facilitator, Sabita Maharaj, explains how the use of complementary therapies in conjunction with conventional breast cancer treatment enhanced her healing process. Eleven years later, she helps other patients through their healing journey.

Complementary healing practice

Many years ago, I, together with a group of therapists, set up a complementary healing practice at Hospice. We worked closely with doctors and the nursing staff to bring comfort and nurturing to many of the patients there.

Complementary therapies can bring much healing and peace to patients, especially when used together with any conventional treatment. My time working at Hospice helped with coping skills in the months that followed my diagnosis. The empathy, compassion and love that opened my heart with patients then, still serves me greatly, in my own life, as well as for my clients and students. 

Diagnosed with breast cancer

Eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My treatment plan was six months of drastic chemotherapy, followed by surgery and then radiation. 

During this time, I treated myself with the healing modalities that I was trained in, as well as fellow complementary practitioners treating me in their area  of expertise. 

The months went by and soon 

it was time for another set of mammograms and ultrasound. My radiologist was aware that I had been supporting my conventional treatment with complementary healing and was truly amazed at what she found. The cancer cells had shrunk considerably. 

Complete healing is needed

On a physical level, doctors were extremely pleased with my results and so was I. Yet deep inside I felt a sense of emptiness. Something was missing. 

I soon realised that during the time of my treatment, I was so focused on my physical healing that I had put my spiritual needs on hold. It was now time to consciously integrate all areas of mind, body and spirit for complete healing to occur.

Even though I had received much nurturing, care and support, there were times when I felt sorry for myself. I did to some extent feel like the victim. When we experience pity from others as well as from ourselves, we lose our power. 

We need to claim back our power and strength to carry ourselves through challenging times. Much of what I share with people today comes from my lessons in that time. 

Author and healer

Today I use a combination of various healing modalities (reiki, chakra balancing, aromatherapy, foot massage, crystals, Tibetan singing bowls and angel card readings), all as part of healing sessions for clients. 

I have published a self-help book, Boundless Love, to assist others to cope with illness. I provide tools and techniques to help them make changes on a mental and emotional level. 

Many lives have been transformed over the years using some of the techniques that the book offers. Exercises are included to guide the reader on a journey within, towards their own heart to find true unconditional love and to facilitate healing on many levels. 

Boundless Love may be used as a healing workbook towards a wonderful new way of life, as you take responsibility for your own healing. Let love guide you towards a life of deep gratitude, forgiveness and peace.

Two well-known medical professionals, Professor Carol-Ann Benn, a leading breast cancer surgeon, and Dr Patricia Okeyo, an obstetrician gynaecologist, have endorsed my book. They believe it will help many people on the path to wellness.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Boundless Love, email [email protected]

Sabita Maharaj is a reiki master, complementary health practitioner, healing facilitator, author, and does group talks.

MEET OUR EXPERT – Sabita Maharaj

Sabita Maharaj is a reiki master, complementary health practitioner, healing facilitator, author, and does group talks.

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