BHF partners with Belong.Life

The Breast Health Foundation is working with Belong.Life to bring you a breast cancer patient mobile app. Watch The Breast Health Foundation’s Facebook page to see when it will be launched.

About the Belong mobile app

Belong.Life is the world’s largest social network for cancer patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals, with approximately 200 000 users. 

The patient-centric mobile app enables users to communicate with others, ask questions, and find support within the community.

Belong’s platform provides an unique and innovative personalised solution to help manage and fight cancer more effectively within a supportive and interactive patient community. 

Amongst its numerous benefits, Belong enables users to upload and manage personalised content, navigate through their treatment journey, and receive notifications, all while maintaining user anonymity. 

The mobile app also facilitates access to leading oncologists, radiologists, researchers and nurses who answer general information questions. 

Furthermore, the platform provides access to a robust clinical trial matching service that explores various treatment options.

 Through the use of proprietary Natural Language Processing engine, Medical OCR and Medical Neural Network technologies, Belong is transforming patient engagement data into actionable clinical and business intelligence insight. This supports a wide range of healthcare applications, including health economics, outcome research, personalised care, social impact and more.

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