“I live by faith and prayer”. - Barbara Hlatswayo

Meet the BHF team

Barbara Hlatswayo (44) lives with her family in Pretoria, Gauteng. She has two children.

At the age of 41, Barbara   discovered a lump in her breast which was growing fast. It came as a shock when they told her she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Though, she made peace with it and told herself that it wasn’t the end of the road. 

The doctor advised Barbara to tell her family. Her family gave her support throughout treatment.

Barbara joined Breast Health Foundation (BHF) in February 2018. She works as an educator and counsellor, in Pretoria, providing awareness about breast cancer. This is something that Barbara had been doing even before joining the BHF team, when she discovered that she had breast cancer two years prior. 

Barbara always advises patients that they must complete their treatment; go for their scans; spread awareness about cancer; and tell others to examine themselves all the time. 

During her holidays or when she is not at work, Barbara continues to spread awareness about breast cancer; she visits schools and communities. Barbara enjoys the work she does, and loves being part of the Breast Health Foundation team.

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