Carolina Herrera visits Helen Joseph Hospital Breast Care Clinic

Well-known breast cancer activist Carolina Herrera and her daughter visited South Africa to promote their ongoing CH Pink initiative.

The campaign, that was formerly called ‘Support with a smile,’ provides care and support to South African women with breast cancer.

Launched in 2013, together with the South African Breast Health Foundation to offer breast cancer patients palliative care, the initiative has helped more than 5,500 women with their recovery. A percentage of CH fragrance sales benefit the effort.

During her three-day stay in Johannesburg, the designer visited Helen Joseph Hospital.

“Don’t give up, you are not alone,” was the message Herrera shared with the public.

According to the Gauteng Department of Health, Helen Joseph Hospital Breast Care Centre was established in 2005 to improve direct access to specialised breast care in Johannesburg and the centre manages 500 to 700 patients each month.

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