Caution to the wind

I do love Urban Dictionary’s definition of Summer: ‘She is quirky and unlike any other woman that you will ever meet. She doesn’t play games and she is more straight forward and honest than most women in your life. She is spontaneous and seductively beautiful in the most natural way.’

Seeing as we’re all experiencing Summer together, I’d like to suggest that you and I are ‘seductively beautiful’ in our own special way. This isn’t about comparing ourselves to someone we feel fits this description but rather, looking at our unique reflections in the mirror and ‘finding our Beautiful.’

The clothing we wear is merely a tool with which we express our personalities and quirks. Well that and the fact that it’s illegal to streak in public.

As we all know, trends are cyclical. They come, they go and then they return, so it’s really just about how we interpret the palette of colour, texture and print provided per season. That’s the fun part! So let’s play, shall we?

The head scarf & turban is trending in a spectacular way. Whether your preference leans towards daring and graphic prints or softer pastels with delicate details, head scarves are a major fashion accessory. I love their versatility. There are 100 ways to wear a headscarf (Thank you #Google for great tutorials). A great plus is that they have the ability to change personality depending on how you wear them. Twist, wrap, knot, double-knot them or add a complementary jeweled broach for a bit of sparkle. Head-scarves and turbans add a certain elegance and mystery to an outfit. Look to Princess Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Amber Rose, Kim K, Eva Mendes, Alicia Keyes and even the Queen Mother herself for inspiration on how to wear them.

And what goes perfectly with headscarves? Aviators! I’m of course talking about sunglasses and not aviator men, but you may decide which you prefer. Who am I to judge?

Besides adding great protection for your eyes, especially if they are polarised, Aviators add nostalgia, sex appeal and confidence. Get a pair that suits your face shape and features in terms of size and colour.

Florals are in full bloom in nature and are beautifully interpreted in fabric prints and accessories.

Small, large, individual, multiple, realistic or interpreted graphically, flowers are everywhere!

You’ll see them adorning dresses, shirts, skirts, pants, jackets and shoes. Positively lovely I say!

But what colour do these said blooms come in? If you’re stuck on which colours to follow this season, look to the vibrant and bold florals shades juxtaposed with delicate crisp white blossoms. You can opt for a full bouquet of colour or pick out a single shade. It really depends on your personality or mood on the day. I know black is not naturally created in blooms but as a graphic print, it can be incredibly effective!

If you’re not into florals, that’s okay. Give embellishments a go. From jewels to applique, it’s these ‘small’ details which add interest to flat and un-textured backgrounds. Interpret them as bohemian or hard rock…pun not intended. If you have a t-shirt or cardigan that you’re bored of, liven it up with a couple of appliqued flowers…which incidentally tie in with the above trend. Or add a couple of gem stones or metallic beading.

Volume & fullness. Have you considered pleats? Yes please! Pleats can add great fullness and romance to any outfit. They can also add a striking graphic element when offered in monochrome black & white or metallics.

Comfort is a look! Let’s interpret this stylistically however. I’m most definitely not suggesting that you throw on that jersey that’s lost shape in the wash after years of being hung in the clothing line. I’m referring to ‘comfortable’ loose, flowing oversized pants, skirts and tops. Look, it’s perhaps not the most flattering silhouette but who are we to argue with the trend-forecasters.

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Here’s to enjoying the journey and making the most out of each season.

Written by Petra Laranjo Hourquebie

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