Dec22-Jan23: Press pause then press on with purpose

Welcome to the 60th issue of Buddies For Life. What a milestone!

A time for you to celebrate the old and ring in the new. This issue shows us that “The world is full of magic things” and “It’s a magical time of the year.”  

Often, through trials and tribulations, we fail to see the magic in the world around us. I looked at chemotherapy (that dreaded word) and turned it into a magic potions class. Remember the words of Rosemary Guiley, “Real magic is not gaining power over others; it’s about gaining power over yourself.”

Our Super Survivor proves Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s quote, “Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

I thoroughly enjoyed Life after Tamoxifen; in the words of Frank Ocean, “There’s just some magic in truth and honesty and openness.” 

At the moment, I’m looking for some magic solution regarding Self-discipline of exercise. 

Reading the inspiring articles, We are more and The race of giving back proves that the thought of Kate DiCamillo, “I think hope and magic are probably connected” is true. So, pay it forward and celebrate the magic in everything you do and remember as Max Nowaz said, “The world is full of magic. You’ve just got to learn how to access it.” 

Your Buddie For Life
Prof Carol-Ann Benn

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Super Survivor

Rosetta Chinian – Reflective healing

Rosetta Chinian not only had to deal with a breast cancer diagnosis but with the ...


Self-discipline of exercise

Heidi Wright advocates the importance of exercising not only after breast cancer treatment but as ...

Dietary tips to help ease side effects

Dietitian, Berna Harmse, shares effective dietary tips to help ease side effects caused from cancer ...


Ros Mitchell – Life after tamoxifen

To celebrate completing 10 years on tamoxifen, Ros Mitchell challenged herself to a four-day hike. ...

We are more

Lara Noik explains how post-traumatic growth can indicate that we are more because of what has ...

Finding peace within your cancer journey

Clinical psychologist, Dr Heather Mc Loughlin, shares a practical approach to finding peace within your ...


20 years of Breast Health Foundation To mark the Breast Health Foundation’s 20th birthday, we have put together a series of ...

The race of giving back

Crystal Johnstone shares how her breast cancer diagnosis along with her parents’ cancer diagnoses inspired ...

Moving from remission to real life

Jennifer Dunn elaborates on the hurdles that cancer survivors face when moving from remission to ...


The cancer potions class

 In her latest cancer potions class, Prof Carol-Ann Benn educates us on what drugs are ...

Hand-foot syndrome in cancer patients

Nadia Dembskey, a podiatrist, explains the development of hand-foot syndrome in cancer patients and the ...

Risk factors of osteoporosis

Dr Dirk Steyn educates us on the risk factors of osteoporosis and why you should ...


The importance of sound nutrition after a cancer diagnosis

Dietitian, Berna Harmse, educates us on nutritional status and the outcome of cancer, and offers ...

And just like that we are sharing the last issue of the year! Our theme is Press pause then press on with purpose and we do hope this is exactly what you will do. Take the needed rest over December and when the new year begins, go and live purposefully.

Word For Word Media are pleased to present The 2023 Big C Survivor’s Guide, with the focus being the top five cancers
in South African women and men
. We have also included the top five cancers affecting children. To all the survivors, our hope is that this booklet will assist in your journey, no matter how big or small, as long as you know you are not alone; we are here for you, we are oncology buddies.