Discreet medicine and health appliance delivery made simple

We hear how easy and convenient it is to order medicine and health appliances via Medipost.

Shopping for one’s medicine and health appliance requirements can be an inconvenient and even an uncomfortable experience if you have to visit a pharmacy in person. Particularly, if you need to request health-related items of a personal nature.

South Africa’s largest national courier pharmacy has made it easier than ever to order everything from self-medication products and chronic medicines to ostomy and urology appliances, as well as continence care products from the privacy of your home.

“There are few things more precious than health and personal privacy, and we’ve made it our business to ensure that the products for your health and bodily needs are not only highly accessible but are delivered to your door, or a collection point of your choice, in packaging that has no external indication of the products you have ordered,” explains Marilize Dreyer, pharmacy manager at Medipost Pharmacy.

Placing your order

Orders for appliances and self-medication products, which are those health products that can usually be bought without a prescription, can be placed online, via email, with a simple telephone call, or via WhatsApp message.

Chronic medicine orders can be placed similarly by sending a doctor’s prescription through these channels, or even via fax.

Working with medical schemes

Medipost Pharmacy works with most medical schemes and will, where possible, claim directly from the scheme on behalf of the patients it serves.

Customers can also choose to pay for their medication and other products ordered via various convenient payment methods, like Snapscan, EasyPay, debit order, credit card or direct deposit.

“We stock a wide range of items, from stomas, catheters and associated care products to larger items, such as walkers and wheelchairs, on the appliance front. Even though most of these items are non-scheduled, some medical schemes will require a prescription,” notes Dreyer.

“It is therefore important to double-check the correct process with your specific medical scheme as some schemes do not allow appliance claims from a pharmacy’s practice number. Medipost will work closely with patients and their medical schemes to ensure all items are claimed from the correct benefits to safeguard the patient’s acute funds for other healthcare needs.”

The convenience of having these items delivered to your home or other address saves time for our customers, and by the size of our operations we are able to provide medicines and appliances at more affordable rates,” Dreyer explains.

Clinical advice

“Our caring team of pharmacists and pharmacists’ assistants are able to provide confidential clinical advice over the telephone in all 11 official South African languages. We find that many people prefer to discuss their private medical matters over the phone, rather than in a conventional pharmacy environment where conversations could potentially be overheard,” says Rentia Myburgh, sales and marketing director of Medipost Holdings, comprising Medipost Pharmacy, MediLogistics and Kawari Wholesalers.

“While we may not see the customers, we serve face-to-face, their comfort and pharmacy needs are of paramount importance to us and we regard medical confidentiality as absolutely sacrosanct. Our in-house courier service, MediLogistics, is just as dedicated to protecting your privacy as we are, ensuring complete convenience matched with absolute discretion,” Myburgh concludes.

For a full list of the appliances available through Medipost Pharmacy, simply send an email to [email protected]. A list of currently available self-medication products is available by request from [email protected].