Don’t sweat hot summer days

Yes, beautiful hot summer days are here and all the activities that come with it – braais, swimming and outdoor socialising, and although you’ve had a mastectomy, you can still participate in all the fun as well. Maybe you’re an ‘I-only-wear-black-swimsuits’ kind of girl,or maybe you prefer more colourful options, but whatever the case may be, this summer there is a swimsuit for you! So, there is no need to sweat hot summer days!


Pocketed post-mastectomy swimwear is now available in stylish black or exquisite colours in beautiful printed designs. There are also various external breast prostheses on the market that are ideal for all water activities, like the lightweight heart shaped Calypso from Naturalwear. It retains its shape in and out of water, and can be used in chlorinated and salt water.

Outdoor activities

There is a collection of soft, lightweight foam breast forms, such as the Featherweight from Naturalwear, for leisure and moderate activities, which will allow you to join in on the fun and not have to sit and watch from the sidelines.


A new and revolutionary design of external breast prostheses, Sublime Aris by Trulife, is now available and will help you survive hot summer days. They are for daily wear and have been proven to be cooler. Independent testing, comparing standard lightweight silicone breast forms, proved that the Sublime Aris breast form keeps you cooler as well as reduces and manages perspiration more effectively, because of the unique honeycomb core. It offers a thinner skin-like layer for a delicate soft feel and has a supportive back layer to maintain shape. The super soft middle layer mimics the movement of natural breast tissue, and it has a sublte, hand-embossed integrated nipple and areola.

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Written by Natie Spangenberg.