Elegantly comfortable

It’s summer and most people want to wear comfortable clothes. Being comfortable is essential, especially in hot weather.

What does comfort mean to you?

When people say ‘comfortable’ they’re usually referring to loose, baggy, shapeless and drab clothing. Comfort is often not synonymous with style.

Personally, I’m happy to ‘suffer for the cause’ of style whenever I get the chance, but in my job as a stylist, I need to be comfortable when trawling the malls sourcing clothing for photo-shoots and makeovers. Because what I do is very physical, I need to be able to move and work swiftly, hanging clothes, working on my knees and reaching up high because some of my clients and models are much taller than I am. So comfort is essential to me too, but there’s are a few rules for wearing comfortable clothing.

Now let’s look at ways to keep you looking elegantly and fashionably comfortable.

  1. Don’t size up. Wear YOUR size.
  2. Opt for relaxed fitting clothing which still shows off your curves. 
  3. Look for lightweight fabric options. The more cotton in the fabric the more comfortable it will be. Cotton fibers allow your skin to breathe while polyester which isn’t porous will increase sweating. 
  4. Wearing dull, drab colours head-to-toe will wash out your complexion so, unless you’re diligent and have the energy to put on a full face of make-up every day, and touch it up regularly, wear a colour that suits your complexion – preferably near your face. Think ‘bright and light’.
  5. Juxtapose looser shapes of clothing with more fitted ones (i.e. if the top is a loose cut then make sure your pant / skirt is more fitted and vice versa).
  6. Add accessories that will make the look your own. For example, a lightweight silk scarf in a gorgeous print, or a strand or six of freshwater pearls. Buy delicate sandals – either simple and classy, or embellished. 
  7. ‘Refined chic’ comes to mind for summer attire. Clean cut items albeit soft with a bit of drape. 
  8. When it comes to footwear, please choose form AND function. There are numerous styles of comfortable, but stylish, sandals and flats. Crocs don’t fit into that category. No, not even the sandal version. They’re just not flattering on any foot – feminine or not. This is my professional opinion, of course.
  9. Invest in a stylish classic wide-brimmed hat which you can put on with pretty much any outfit instead of a trucker cap that may not be enhancing your overall sense of style. I love caps, but there’s a time and place for them. 
  10. Keep a face spritzer in your bag to keep you cool and fresh on a sweltering day. Alternatively, a matte powder to dab on your T-panel is helpful too. 

I hope that these tips have helped you to define your style and live light.

Written By Petra Laranjo