Making the most of your eyes

Eyebrows balance the eyes and flatter all other facial features.

You can fill in thin brows or re-create your brows entirely using a brush-on eyebrow powder or a pencil. Choose a shade that matches your hair colour. First, use the following steps to determine where the brow should begin, arch and end.

  1. Hold a pencil straight up against your nose, parallel to the inside corner of your eye. Draw a dot on the brow bone at this point. This is where your eyebrow should begin.
  2. Looking straight ahead, place the pencil parallel to the outside edge of the coloured part (the iris) of your eye. Place a dot where the highest point of the brow line should be. This is the arch of your brow.
  3. Next, place the pencil diagonally from the bottom corner of your nose past the outside corner of your eye and draw a dot. This is the end of your brow. Be sure it’s not lower than the beginning of your brow, as this will create a down-turned expression.

4. Lastly, connect the dots into a brow line with light, feather-like strokes of colour, making the brow fuller on the inside corner and thinner as it moves out

For a really natural look, use two colours of eyebrow pencil, a light shade and a darker shade. Mark the brow line with dots, alternating the light and dark shades. Connect the dots with light, feather-like strokes. If the line is too solid, blend lightly with a cotton swab. Remember, practice makes perfect.


Eyeshadow is a quick and easy way to brighten your look.

  1. Choose neutral, matte eyeshadow shades.
  2. Apply a highlighter  (lighter shade) over the whole eyelid from eyelash to eyebrow.
  3. Apply a second colour  (deeper shade) in the crease, moving to the outer corner of the lid and back in along the lash line to the pupil, to contour and emphasize the natural shape of the eye.
  4. Blend well to soften the effect.
  5. Stick to earth-toned eyeshadows. Lighter earth tones, such as tan, cream, white or beige, seem to cause less upper-eyelid irritation in women with sensitive or itchy eyes.


Eyeliner works to define the lash line and create the illusion of full lashes

  1. Using liquid or pencil eyeliner, draw small dots along the base of the eyelid – dots should be slightly larger going toward the outer corner of the eye and become smaller toward the inner corner – this will help re-create the look of lashes.

2. Starting from the outer corner of the eye, connect the dots at the very base of the lash line, keeping some distinction between the dots and the line use a cotton swab to gently blend the effect. Smudge the eyeshadow over the eyeliner to soften the look and make it last longer.

Do not tattoo eyeliner during or soon after treatment as it may be damaging to sensitive eye area.


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