Feel Better – For Free!!

Who said a little bit of lipstick can’t make an enormous difference? Only someone who has never battled cancer; whose confidence and self-esteem is not at an all time low and who has never struggled to leave the confines of her bedroom.

Look Good…Feel Better offer free two-hour skincare and make-up group workshops. The workshops are specially designed to assist women in active cancer treatment to address the appearance-related side effects of treatments. This helps build the self-confidence needed to face the world and fight the disease.

Trained volunteers guide you through a regime, focussing on cancer related side effects such as a) dry and very sensitive skin; b) loss of hair, eyebrows and eye-lashes; c) pigmentation marks and d) discolouration of nails. They also educate on the importance of skin care, crucial when skin is delicate and infection is common such as when undergoing cancer treatments.

Look Good…Feel Better is the only charity that cuts across all cancers afflicting women – focussing exclusively on social and emotional needs and well-being. South Africa is one of 22 countries offering the programme, which was started in 1989 in America and operates under the auspices of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association.

Dr Carol-Ann Benn, Specialist Surgeon, said, “It is just as important for one of my cancer patients to attend a Look Good…Feel Better workshop as it is for them to have chemotherapy or radiation.”

Workshops are held at public and private oncology hospitals in major regions. To attend a two-hour workshop near you call 011-795-3927 or email [email protected]. You can also visit www.lgfb.co.za

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