Feeling self-conscious? Different? Tired?

There’s no need to stay on the social side-lines! If you feel well enough to be with friends while on your journey, then a Look Good Feel Better workshop could be the best medicine.

Okay, so your skin is acting strangely – or you’re afraid it might. Or you just don’t look like “you”. Common appearance related side effects from cancer treatment range from mild to more-than-you’d like… everybody is different. Just don’t upset yourself! Remember that it’s no fun to deal with, but it’s not forever and there are things you can do to turn your skin around.

At a Look Good Feel Better workshop you’ll learn things you never knew before and professional tips you’ll never forget.


Your skin may suddenly become dry, blotchy, sensitive or flaky. Give it the TLC it needs! Take a look at your current routine. Are you gentle? Are you mild? Make sure you aren’t using any products that could make your skin drier or more irritated.


This can further help hide skin imperfections like dark rings under eyes, redness and even blemishes.

Most of us start experimenting with make-up without advice and may wind up looking “overdone”. With professional tips from Look Good Feel Better demonstrators at workshops, you can add colour and definition to lips, eyes and cheeks to softly brighten your features.

If you are in treatment you are probably concerned about hair loss in some way. If your hair is long, then consider a shorter cut before chemo. Should you experience hair loss then remind yourself that it is temporary… hair grows back! There are so many ways to deal with it – show off your creativity and personal style with wigs, buffs, scarves and fashionable hats. Today’s wigs look like real hair that you can even cut, comb and style as you like. Best of all, you can match them to your own origional hair colour. If you have lost your eyelashes, then sassy sunglasses not only give you a stylish look, but more importantly protect your eyes from the sun, wind and pollution.

Styling is the first thing that goes out the window when you are fighting for your life, but it can be vital when you are ready to get back up and move towards a positive confident sense of self during treatment and recovery. In that spirit, LGFB would like to invite you to attend any one of our workshops hosted at 38 hospital/clinics across SA.






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