Get the perfect fit

The Naturalwear breast forms come in a wide range of styles, sizes and textures to suit your lifestyle and needs after breast surgery. We look at the benefits of each in order to make your choice simpler.

The Naturalwear Featherweight, a foam breast form, in the shape of a breast, is specially designed to wear immediately after surgery, and can be worn quite comfortably during the healing process of eight weeks before the silicone prostheses are fitted. The foam prostheses are also suitable for leisure activities.

Silicone breast forms are designed for full-time daily wear and should be fitted six to eight weeks after surgery when the swelling has subsided and the surgery site has healed completely.

Restoring your body’s natural symmetry and balance, the Naturalwear external breast prostheses adapt to your body temperature and move just like your natural breasts, and you’ll look just as feminine and stylish as you always have.

Symmetrical breast forms are usually a variation of the triangular and teardrop shaped breast forms and can be worn on either the left or right side of the body. These shapes usually suit more contemporary or less extensive surgeries.

Triangular shaped breast forms are often suitable for younger women with firmer pectoral muscles, where less breast tissue is removed. Triangular breast forms do tend to have a shallower profile than the teardrop shaped forms; whereas the teardrop shaped breast forms have a fuller profile and are suitable for women who had underarm or clavicle tissue removed. The teardrop form has an extension – the point of the teardrop – which can be angled for the best fit.

Lightweight breast forms like the Harmony Silk range is 30% lighter than traditional silicone breast prostheses but offer the same benefits and natural appearance of fully-weighted breast forms. These lightweight breast forms are suitable for women who had a bi-lateral mastectomy.

Partial breast forms are designed with a thin layer of silicone and a scooped-out back to give a smooth profile over less extensive surgeries. It may also help to rebalance uneven breast size and shape after reconstruction.

The Naturalwear swim form, Calypso, has a unique heart shape making it versatile. It is the perfect companion for all activities such as yoga, gardening, jogging and of course, swimming.

It can sometimes be difficult to know which choice is the best fit for you, so be sure to ask a professional fitter to guide you.

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Written by Natie Spangenberg.