Hernuvin Concept Salon

The Hernuvin Concept Salon opened this June at the Breast Care Centre of Excellence, Netcare Milpark Hospital. We learn more about what the salon offers cancer patients.

The Hernuvin Concept Salon is a collaborative exercise with the Breast Care Centre of Excellence, Dr Hugo Nel (plastic and reconstructive surgeon) and Dr Marna Kühn (anaesthetist). Their goal is to continuously improve the quality of their treatments. 

Just like a standard salon; it offers manicures, pedicures, facials and massages, done by a qualified somatologist, Liri-Marie Victor. The big difference, though, is their skincare range, Hernuvin Skincare, is medically designed for cancer patients. This means that all treatments are safe for chemotherapy and radiation patients. 


Dr Kühn was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer in December 2013. She underwent a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction; chemotherapy including trastuzumab; and is currently still on tamoxifen. A big concern for her before starting treatment was how treatment would cause her to age quicker as well as the damage it may cause to the skin, specifically the face. So, she very determinedly used several facial products to protect and nourish her skin.

Once she started chemotherapy, she still noticed the change in her skin: dryness and sensitivity. 

Working with Dr Nel since 2010, she mentioned this to him, knowing he had a wealth of experience in skincare research and development, and so he suggested a certain product that he had developed.

After more discussions with Dr Kühn and what she was experiencing, Dr Nel gave it more thought and decided to create a cream specifically for her with ingredients that her skin was lacking. 

Once Dr Kühn started using his mixture, she felt confident and saw a positive change in her skin. She adds that people didn’t even know she was undergoing chemotherapy and commented how good she looked.

Fast-forward to seven years later, with much research and numerous clinical trials, Hernuvin Skincare was born: a skincare range developed around the focus of the effects of chemotherapy and chemical-oestrogen depletion.

Dr Nel says, “Hernuvin Skincare is essentially about cancer survivorship, making products that will help patients be compliant with treatments, such as tamoxifen and chemotherapy, and not stop them due to the side effects.”

Hernuvin Skincare products

There are currently four products available: 

Hernuvin Wash – An effective yet simple solution for cleansing of the face, scalp, hair and body.

Hernuvin Moisturiser – Carefully selected ingredients to rejuvenate the skin, addressing the effects of oestrogen depletion. Reinforce the skin, making it less sensitive and able to counteract the effects of chemotherapy. Moisturise and nourish the skin to improve its protective barrier function.

Hernuvin Mask – This hydrogel face mask calms, soothes and hydrates the skin while delivering the same active ingredients as the Wash and Moisturiser. It fits in perfectly between the Wash and Moisturiser routine, and provides an instant cooling affect. 

The vision, however, is to expand the range into a personal care range; a vaginal moisturiser gel is currently in the works.

Meno-Glow Skincare

Meno-Glow Skincare is also on offer; this is a skincare range for non-cancer patients who are in any stage of natural menopause. This range also has three products: Meno-Glow Wash, Meno-Glow Moisturiser and Meno-Glow Mask.

To book an appointment contact 076 041 5167, or visit hernuvin.com to order online.