What or who is Bosom Buddies?

Bosom Buddies is a breast cancer support group and a project of the Breast Health Foundation.

The poem below will help you to understand what Bosom Buddies is. In the poem I’ve compared Bosom Buddies to a ‘chuchumakgala’. This is a South Sotho word for train. A train is a cheap mode of transport that most people use to travel to and from work. It travels through valleys and townships and makes a unique sound. It stops at stations to pick up passengers even when it is full. Trains always have people on them and friendships are formed on trains.

That is what Bosom Buddies is about. Bosom Buddies support the survivor, as well as the entire, extended family, friends and colleagues.

Bosom Buddies Chuchumakgala – by Rebecca Musi

Breast cancer – You have caused me to fight and flight.

Breast cancer – You have clouded my vision with your venom.

Breast cancer – You have turned me from hero to zero

Breast cancer – You took away my courage and gave me confusion.

But now, no more!!

The Bosom Buddies chuchumakgala stopped and picked me up.

Bosom Buddies understand the silent cry

of a woman in distress and cry with her.

Bosom Buddies know how to use their smile and charm

with a frightened husband, son or daughter.

Bosom Buddies have been through thick and thin,

and walked the same route with a friend in need.

Now I have a vision!

Now I am a hero!

Now I am courageous!

Now I am not afraid!

I have conquered!

Now I am a victor!

Written by Rebecca Musi

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