Interpreting Summer trends

I’m very excited and thoroughly enjoying the summer trends this year. And what’s even better, you can adapt them to your personality, body type and needs. Happiness is NOT religiously following fashion trends – it’s far more interesting and authentic if you take elements of each trend and incorporate them into your own sense of style. Here’s to having some fun and stepping up your personal style! 

Trend To Incorporate: Oversized Hats

We love a good oversized hat. Besides being exceptionally en-vogue, you’ll be guaranteed enough shade to keep your nose and collarbone UV-free. Team it up with a red lip and casual maxi dress and you’ve ticked off a few trends right there.

Trend To Incorporate: 3D texture

I love this trend and have had to contain myself in donning all my T-shirts in appliquéd everything! Make your own version of the catwalk fashions by buying lace or laser-cut florals or petals and stitch them on by hand to the shoulders or down the center of a T-shirt. Turn bland one-dimensional items into 3D wonders. Here’s to Craft-101.

Trend To Keep: Sorbet Mixes

Take a stroll down sugar lane in sherbet-coloured tops and skirts for vintage sentimentality.

Trend To Incorporate: Painted Gold

Luxurious gold is the colour to beat for evening do’s. Go subtle with delicate accessories or trendier with chunky gold jewellery. A gold brocade jacket and clutch bag teamed with dark blue fitted jeans will have you stepping out bang on trend! Dramatic black eyeliner will further your cause to be immersed in this trend.

Trend To Keep: Flashback to Neons

This isn’t for everyone. As much as I love all things 80’s, I just can’t pledge my alliance to wearing neon. Team luminous pink, lime and citrus yellows with nude flats for a more sophisticated look.

Trend To Incorporate: Racy Red

This trend depends purely on how brave you’re feeling? Will your arm be donning a red satchel, your feet some red pumps or maybe you’ll wear a red belt? (two items only – three becomes contrived). Or will your lips be bitten with a passionate red lipstick? Totally commit to red and boldly wear a red frock. The choice is totally up to you.

Trend To Incorporate: Extreme Maxis and Exaggerated Minis 

Extreme proportions are where it is at. Have your pick with exaggerated proportions in the upper, or lower body i.e. high empire line, or dropped waist in a colour-blocked maxi dress.

Trend To Incorporate: Bobby Socks

Believe it or not, ankle socks are a huge trend. Worn with a mini skirt and killer heels, lace-edged ankle socks will have heads turning in appreciation to your sense of trend and individuality.

Trend To Incorporate: Overstated Opulence 

Try lavish gold, embossed fabric and intricate detail. Discover your nobility with an air of opulence but beware you don’t overdo it and lean towards the garish side of fashion.

Trend To Incorporate: Sophisticated Sporting Style 

Here’s one if you’re purely looking for comfort. Opt for surf-inspired influences and more relaxed tailoring in light-weight but luxurious fabrics such as silks and satins.

Trend To Incorporate: Clashing Prints

This trend may shove some of you way out of your comfort zones. It’s okay. It’s allowed. Team a printed kaftan with a clashing sash-belt and sandals. Breathe through it and, with restless abandon, clash away!

Trend To Keep: Flirt with the roaring 20s 

Perfect to welcome in 2013, sip on (virgin) cocktails whilst dancing the night away wearing a cheeky flapper-inspired dress or merely adding a long string of glass pearls.

My main advice when it comes to your style is to keep reinventing your personal style in accordance with your personality, body type, budget and lifestyle. 6”2 models on the catwalk are no indication of how you should be dressing. They’re just showcasing inspirations of trends. Here’s to enjoying the journey.

Written by Petra Laranjo

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