Jan/Feb 2019 – Healthy Living

Happy New Year buddies!

How many of us have started the year with resolutions made and broken? Maybe we should stop with this tradition and start with a ‘good report list’ or ‘gratitude diary’? 

It could include: grateful that we can start the next day better, with some form of exercise. The good side of oncology advances (HER2 cancers), reporting that now Herceptin is available to patients in state (T&Cs always). Changing attitudes of cannabis, supplements, sugar and exercise. Remembering that a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down. Keeping a diary (chemo, life, positivity) and posting away the negative. Yes, maybe we should write a negative note and post it to far far away…Never Never Land.

We are all not such failures but   rather human. In the words of Avijeet Das, “Life is lived in those moments when you hug a tree, make a child smile, walk on grass in your bare feet, open the door for another human being, swim in a river, help a blind man cross the road, climb a mountain, share a cup of coffee with the needy, kiss a flower, and laugh uncontrollably with lovely people…

Your Buddie for Life  

Prof Carol-Ann Benn

Photos by Chantal Drummond Photography | [email protected]  |  www.chantaldphoto.co.za
MAKE-UP by: Roslyn Draai – Estee Lauder South Africa
VENUE: Discovery Healthy Food Studio

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