Jan/Feb 2020 – The Power of Thank You

In the name of gratitude and team work, what a wonderful way to start the year; try a gratitude diary this year; or a gratitude WhatsApp group.

Read about an inspiring Super Survivor, who has used a cancer journey as a period of beautiful transformation in In the name of gratitude.

The theme of gratitude continues with Grateful or taken for granted; the A.A. Milne quote springs to mind, “Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart; it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.

Working together is an excellent motivational message for 2020 for all of us in all life aspects. From patient navigation to ghostbusting, the thread is multi-disciplinary care; it is best for all oncology patients. It’s about the team ensuring best patient care. 

So, remember to find a team that has the same belief as Chiney Ogwumike: True teams are made when you put aside the individual wants for the collective good.

Your Buddie For Life

Prof Carol-Ann Benn


Cover photo and make-up by Zahira Amod | Instagram @glamfuel | [email protected]



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