Look Good Feel Better – Hiding and Highlighting

Once you have applied your moisturisers and foundation (see previous issues) it is time to start the hiding and highlighting process!

Concealer is used to diminish dark circles, broken capillaries and facial blemishes and is available in a stick or cream. When using a foundation, choose a concealer not more than one shade lighter than your skin. If you choose to wear concealer without foundation, a shade closest to your natural skin colour will look best.

Discoloured skin can be corrected with special colour-corrector worn under the foundation. For special colour-correcting needs, consult a beauty professional.

• Apply concealer with a clean ring finger or use a disposable wedge sponge

• Apply dots of concealer. Start at the inner corner of the eye (nearest to the nose) and move out to the iris (coloured part)

• Gently blend the dots of concealer out toward the outer corner of eye

Blush provides a vibrant, healthy look.

• Because it is easier to add colour than to remove it, use only a small amount of blush

• Apply to the apple of the cheek

• Blend along the cheek bone in an upward motion toward the ear

• Use sparingly. Sensitive skin already has a tendency to redness, so you may not need as much blusher as before.

Lipliner will help define your lips and prevent your lipstick from smudging and feathering.

• Outline your lips with a soft lip pencil that complements your lipstick

• Start in the middle of your lips and move toward the corners using soft strokes to create a lip line

Lipstick is an absolute must! It can brighten your look and lift your spirits even when you are wearing no other makeup.

If your lips are dry, use a moisturizing lip balm at night. In the morning, gently massage lips with a moistened cotton swab to lift off any dry surface cells.

• Choose a creamy, moisturising lipstick from the same colour family as your blush

• A light application of lip gloss will provide extra comfort to dry lips.


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