Look Good Feel Better Pro tips and fast fixes


If you have a blemish or area of particularly high colour on your face, you can always “go back in” with concealer after you’ve put on foundation to gently touch-up the area. Don’t rub.

Eye makeup

Protect tender eye area when removing makeup by saturating a cotton pad – not a cotton ball – with non-oily eye makeup remover. Place pad on eyelid for a few seconds, letting it dissolve makeup before you wipe off.


Be generous with moisturiser! Use it liberally to hydrate your skin. Apply with a cuticle, cream to prevent cracking and possible infection, and keep a moisturiser for lips with you at all times.


The most important thing with foundation is to create a blank canvas by neutralising areas of high colour across your face. Blend, blend, blend. That’s the secret of flawless makeup.


Mascara, more than any other cosmetic, is prone to infection. Replace mascara when you first start treatment and keep replacing it every month during treatment.


For a natural eyebrow look, use two shades of eyebrow pencil and blend lightly with a cotton swap.


Never use a lipstick tester on your lips when trying lip colour. Instead, test lip colour on your fingertip as this is a close match to your lips.

Wig wear

My idea of wig wear is tousled but presentable. Spray your wig with a hydrating leave-in conditioner to keep it soft and manageable.

Wig wisdom

• Get a wig consultant to determine proper fit and thoroughly explain how to wear your wig.

• Don’t wear a wig liner unless you have some hair; the liner will provide friction to keep the wig in place.

• Use your forehead as leverage to slide the wig on.

• Use the side tabs to position your wig, bringing the front of the wig in line with your natural hairline.

• Make sure the wig is not over your ears.

• Wear the wig for as long as possible each day; natural oils from your scalp will soften and shape the wig, making it more comfortable.

• Wear a cotton turban under your scarf. It will create the illusion of hair and keep the scarf from slipping.

No eyebrows?

Wear a hat and pull it down over your eyebrow area

No eyelashes?

Wear a pair of big sunglasses to hide eyebrow area and protect eyes from ultraviolet light and debris


Use liquid foundation like a concealer – over the eye and lip areas to conceal discolouration and create a natural palette before applying eye makeup and lip colour.

Uneven skin tone?

Use a powder foundation and apply it with a brush to even out skin tone; when it hits your skin, it will look like liquid foundation, but one that’s much quicker and easier to apply.

Nail care

Chemotherapy may also cause temporary changes to nails, making them dry, brittle, discoloured or ridged and increasing your risk of infection. Now more than ever it’s important not to cut cuticles. Instead:

• Moisturise with a rich hand cream.

• Soften cuticles with cuticle cream every day to fight dryness, splitting and hangnails.

• Wear rubber gloves when doing chores, especially those involving water, to prevent fungal infection of the nail bed.

• Use an oily, acetone- free polish remover.

• Avoid artificial nails as the acrylic compounds used in their application can increase the risk of infection.

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