Jan/Feb 2018 – Love your body

Here is to a wonderful 2018! I am writing this from Dubai, after having the honour of speaking at the Arab Health Congress. I learnt that we are so lucky to have the quality of medical care in SA, both in government (see HJBCC info inside) and private units.

A quote I heard in Dubai has stuck with me, “When you focus on problems, you have more problems; when you focus on possibilities, you have opportunities.” This is true of the whole world facing challenges in healthcare. Quality care versus time and money.

Our Super Survivors and oncology care physician prove that lifestyle (diet, exercise and attitude) are the key factors to beating challenges – be they medical, therapeutic or just our own personal ones.

Perseverance and ‘an awakening’ is key, says me writing from a metropolis built in the desert with no water shortage. Clearly someone had vision and perseverance.

It’s how we manage our approach to our emotions, our money, our boobs and our post-cancer body that determines who we are. To find out how; please subscribe or download a copy of this truly amazing magazine. And make the rest of your life…the best of your life.

Your Buddie for Life  

Prof Carol-Ann Benn

Photos by Chantal Drummond Photography | [email protected] | www.chantaldphoto.co.za

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