Mastectomy and the importance of the bra

In previous articles, I could not emphasise enough how important a good fitting bra is. Your breast is as good as the bra that carries it. But even more so for the woman who has had a mastectomy.

Whether only one breast was removed or whether it was a bilateral, if it is your choice to wear external breast prostheses, take note – the best fitting begins with the bra!

If only one breast was removed, the bra you choose must be a perfect fit, because then, fitting the external breast prosthesis will most likely result in a breast form that will match your remaining breast perfectly in size and shape. It makes sense that if your bra does not fit properly, your breast form will not fit properly either.

These are the features to look for when choosing a mastectomy bra:
  • The style has to provide appropriate coverage to the surgical site, for instance, if the lymph nodes underneath the armpit have been removed, the bra should have wide sides to cover this.
  • It is very important that the bra should fit the breast form and not vise versa! Forcing the breast form in a too small cup to take on the shape of the bra exerts pressure on the breast form, and this can lead to splitting or deterioration in the quality of the breast form. On the other hand, a bra that is too big will not hold the breast form securely and it will move up towards the throat area or move towards the armpit.
  • There should be good separation between the cups, and inside pockets to hold the breast form securely.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps should be wide enough to support comfortably without cutting into the shoulders.

All Naturalwear bras feature pockets on both sides made from breathable soft mesh or Coolmax fabric.

The Naturalwear bra range offers super soft post-surgery bras and comfortable and secure everyday bras with one or several of the following features; beautiful embroidery, padded shoulder straps, delicate lace trim, front-closure styling and underwire.

Many options are available to find you the ideal fit you deserve!

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Written by Natie Spangenberg.

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