One step at a time – May/June 2016

The midyear freeze makes all of us realise the privilege of homes, warm clothes, heaters, blankets, warm fires, reading material and gratitude of health, heat and hearth (In the Ghetto –  Elvis Presley). The Everest Base Camp expedition (Leaving on a Jet Plane –  Frank Sinatra) makes me think of campfires, hot chocolate, that toasted marshmallow, cheesy camp fire songs (Can you remember these listed in the text? Top of all time…) and camaraderie; well done super survivors! The molecules of emotions, neuropeptides (Everybody Hurts –  R.E.M.). Immunotherapy such an exciting field – still in infancy – but watch this space (Talkin’ About a Revolution –  Tracy Chapman). Still on the journey with Gereth’s “Life’s a metaphor” … I so remember pads and cold eggs (King of the Road –  The Proclaimers). High time our navigator explained, the whys and hows of pathology (Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay –  Otis Redding). Plus, hearing GOGO’s story ages me and her, those good old Bara days (Wish You Were Here –  Pink Floyd). Reshaping your breast, subtle reconstructive techniques (There She Goes – The La’s). As always keeping fit is so hard, even more so in the cold (Come as You Are –  Nirvana). Remember, exercise does boost the immune system and ensures fitting in those blue jeans (Forever in Blue Jeans –  Neil Diamond). It also helps with the side effects caused by Tamoxifen (thanks Sumayya). Remember the tablet contains no calories! (True Colours –  Cyndi Lauper). Managing radiation is critical as more and more women will need it (Fire and Rain –  James Taylor) . Pain should not be a day to day struggle in this day and age (Wandering Star –  Lee Marvin) get some tips from Dr. Potter. I was thrilled to read Elna’s article on sex – Men and Housework – well that explains why I am so bad at it… So, Day-O, the Banana Boat Song –  Harry Belafonte… To us all, and to sharing stories around whatever warmth and spreading only the good news this winter!

Time of Your Life –  Green Day… Something Inside So Strong – Labi Siffre