Meet our Experts

Prof Carol-Ann Benn

Prof Carol-Ann Benn heads up breast cancer centres at Helen Joseph Hospital and Netcare Milpark Hospital. She lectures at Wits University and, in 2002, established the Breast Health Foundation.

Krupa Parekh-Padia

Krupa Parekh-Padia was born in South Africa and brought up in USA. She is a California State University, Los Angeles BSc. Nursing graduate. She started off her career at Keck Medical Centre of the University of Southern California where she specialised in surgical oncology. She is now working as your patient navigator at the Netcare Milpark Breast Care Centre of Excellence.

Dr Ronwyn van Eeden

Dr Ronwyn van Eeden is a medical oncologist at the Medical Oncology Centre of Rosebank. She has a special interest in supportive care in cancer and new anticancer agents, especially immunotherapy.

Sandy Lewis

Sandy Lewis has been with the Akeso Psychiatric Clinics Group for almost five years. She joined as the national general manager of the therapeutic practice, Centre of Psychotherapy Excellence. She currently holds the post of Head of Psychological Services, and is a senior member of the Clinical Quality Strategy Team. Her previous experience is in employee wellness, human resources and family and marriage counselling.

Carel Bouwer

Carel Bouwer (B. Pharm, M.Sc) is a pharmacist who has been dealing with the supply of unregistered medicine under Section 21 terms for the past nine years. He is currently the manager of the specialist medicine unit at Equity Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Arien vd Merwe

Dr Arien vd Merwe is a medical doctor, author and online health program developer, specialising in workplace wellness, integrative, natural medicine and stress management. For more information:

Dr Marisse Venter

Dr Marisse Venter is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Breast Care Centre of Excellence at Netcare Milpark Hospital. She has a special interest in breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. She has dedicated her life to the beautifying of women whether that be through breast reconstruction, facial or body cosmetic surgery, and sees it as a tremendous honour to walk the reconstructive process with her patients.

Dr Cathy Agnew

Dr Cathy Agnew is a general practitioner who works in the field of women’s health. She runs her own practice, Women’s Wellness Practice, in Somerset West. The practice has a holistic focus and concentrates on preventive health in women of all ages.

Tanya Loots

Tanya Loots is a qualified dermapigmentologist. At present, she is the only paramedical tattooist in SA who specialises exclusively in nipple and areola repigmentation for breast cancer patients. Her own journey with breast cancer has equipped her for what she considers her calling. Visit or call 072 833 6938.

Dr Francois Malherbe

Dr Francois Malherbe FCS(SA) is a specialist breast and endocrine surgeon working at Groote Schuur Hospital and UCT Private Academic Hospital in Cape Town. He has a special interest in oncoplastic breast conserving surgery for breast cancer.

Dr Sumayya Ebrahim

Dr Sumayya Ebrahim is a gynaecologist in private practice in Johannesburg. She is also a blogger. Check out her blog “vaginations by Dr E” on

Rev. Doctor Gereth Edwards

Rev. Doctor Gereth Edwards was a practicing plastic surgeon, co-founder of the Netcare Milpark Hospital - Breast Care Centre of Excellence and the Breast Health Foundation. He then refocused his life and qualified as a minister. He writes from both a scientific and humanities view.

Dr Christopher Maske

Dr Christopher Maske is a molecular pathologist at Lancet Laboratories in Johannesburg and head of the Molecular Pathology Laboratory. He qualified in medicine from the University of Cape Town and did his PhD at Oxford University in Molecular Cell Biology, and worked as a research scientist in the university before moving into diagnostic pathology. His main interest is in molecular biomarkers in solid tumours for treatment, diagnosis and therapy decisions.

Salome Meyer

Salomé Meyer is the project manager for Advocates for Breast Cancer (ABC), an independent cancer advocate and an Exco member of Cancer Alliance.

Dr Duvern Ramiah

Dr Duvern Ramiah is a specialist oncologist at Sandton Oncology and West Rand Oncology Centres. He has a special interest in breast, prostate, gynaecologic, and head and neck cancers, with a focus on cutting edge radiation therapies.

Dirna Grobbelaar

Dirna Grobbelaar qualified as an oral hygienist in 1999. She consults to Ivohealth, and also works in practice part-time to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, information and patient concerns.

Gillian Bruce

Gillian Bruce is a case manager at the Independant Clinical Oncology Network (ICON). Oncology is a passion of hers. She loves to learn what’s new, and working with the medical aids, doctors and patients because she believes together they make a difference.

Dr Amanda Kuit

Amanda Kuit is a registered dietitian. She started her practice in 1994, and developed unique diets while working with oncology patients. She has a special interest in biochemistry. All her diets and advice are based on new methodologies including nutrigenomic, metabolomics, and biotransformation.

Dr Sheena Geness

Dr Sheena Geness is a general practitioner, who qualified from Wits University and continues to teach medical students in the Family Medicine Department of the University of Witwatersrand. She runs a family medicine practice in Johannesburg CBD, is a businesswoman (CEO of Geness Consulting) and a philanthropist (Founder of Geness Foundation). She is a wife, and mother to two daughters.

Dr Liana Roodt

Dr Liana Roodt, founder of Project Flamingo, is a specialist surgeon working at the Groote Schuur Surgical Breast and Endocrine Oncology Unit.

Dr Anton Potgieter

Dr Anton Potgieter trained at Wits University and worked at Baragwanath Hospital before starting private practice at Sandton Mediclinic. He has special interests in breast surgery and paediatric plastic surgery.

Dr Sarah Rayne

Dr Sarah Rayne is an academic surgeon in Johannesburg with a particular interest in managing breast cancer and breast disease in public and private practice. Her research focuses on quality improvement in surgery, addressing the inequalities in breast cancer care and community engagement for breast awareness.

Carien van der Merwe

Carien van der Merwe is an oncology pharmacist and has 12 years of experience in oncology pharmacy, paediatric and adult. She has been involved with chemotherapy training to ensure higher standards within the work flow of the oncology pharmacy units, and has travelled extensively in Africa evaluating and tutoring oncology pharmacy for trial sites in Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya.

Berna Harmse

Berna Harmse is a private practicing dietitian in Cape Town, she holds a MSc in Dietetics and has a special interest in oncology nutrition. She is also an external lecturer at Stellenbosch University Division of Human Nutrition.

Heidi Wright

Heidi Wright is certified in Pilates Mat, Allegro, Studio and Post Rehabilitation with Polestar Pilates and Pilates elder Lolita San Miguel. She is also a member and certified instructor with Pilates Method Alliance and a Post Rehabilitation practitioner with Pink Ribbon.

Dr Douglas Potter

Dr Doug Potter is a doctor of Naturopathy and has a PHD in Behavioral Science. He is the team leader for first Fatigue Centre in Africa. Increased production at last site - 35,7%. Goal - to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.

Kathryn Malherbe

Kathryn Malherbe is a senior mammographer working at LaVita Women’s Wellness Centre in Pretoria. She is currently working on her Master’s degree, which focuses on lobular carcinoma of the breast, and the diagnosis thereof can be improved with ultrasound detection tools.

Rianette Leibowitz

Rianette Leibowitz (@Rianette) is a cyber safety activist for SaveTNet Cyber Safety (@SaveTNet), which aims to save lives by creating awareness of responsible online engagement. Her upcoming book Not For Sale – Relationships of Influence talks about the power of extraordinary relationships of influence.

Dr LCJ Serrurier

Dr Charles Serrurier MBBCH [WITS], FC Plast. Surg. SA. is currently in full-time private practice as a breast reconstructive surgeon at Netcare Milpark Hospital. He performs most of his cosmetic surgery at his practice at Netcare Rosebank Hospital. His main interest is prosthetic based breast reconstruction and loco-regional flap based breast reconstruction.