My awakening

Simone Burke recalls her encounter with breast cancer and its effect on her life.

The move to JHB

Three years ago, I moved cities  within Gauteng at the request of my son to assist him and his wife with their then 4-month-old twin boys. Once we made the decision, everything fell into place in divine timing and planning.

It was a blessing to be nearby more  of my children; but being a laid-back Capetonian, settling into JHB was a challenge.

My lifestyle changed and the months flew by. Though, I was aware to stay in the slow lane; not following most Jo’burgers!

I became more tired, finding the JHB energy dense and spiritually landlocked. I felt my light was dissipating…JHB’s mind set is more external than internal. I stayed at home more often to reflect and introspect to uplift my energetic levels more fully.

Time for my check-up

It was time for my mammogram. I hadn’t yet found a radiologist in JHB, even though I searched many online to feel their energy and connect with them. But none of them felt right.

I felt that before I cut ties with my previous city of residence completely, I would go back to my previous doctors one more time. The appointment was scheduled for November 2016.

A knowing

A few days prior to that, I asked my highest force of light (whoever you choose to connect and speak to is up to you) what my challenge will be for  2017. Before the message was received,  I intuitively knew what the word would be. And so, cancer entered my consciousness. I wasn’t alarmed or scared, actually relieved that I knew what it was. The results confirmed   what I already knew. I had cancer.

Found ‘my’ doctor

My gynae only knew of one  surgeon in JHB and my GP concurred. I googled the site and immediately told my husband, ‘This is the person I want to go to!’

During December, I felt a strong message enter my consciousness to pamper and look after myself more and make 2017 the year to embrace spiritual modalities e.g. massage, reiki, reflexology, etc. which I excitedly did! I was guided to amazing, caring and supportive therapists. Again, everything was divinely orchestrated and the synchronicity of the sessions and connections were mind-blowing.

Moments of deliberation

Naturally, there were moments of contemplation which never lasted longer than was needed in my consciousness. And, so I worked through the various stages of death and dying, until I embraced acceptance, viewing life through different eyes and perspective on life. It gave me more inner strength, perseverance and determination to tackle each moment of the journey going forward.

Chose to store my energy levels

Since I was being supported by my husband and children, I didn’t have the urge or desperation to share the news with others. I rather chose to store my energy levels for my healing process as and when the various treatments and consultations were being held, with again, the most incredible kind, caring and supportive medical teams.

I felt so ‘held’ that I never felt to externalise with others, but rather internalise, gaining entry to my true inner essence of self. This rejuvenated, stimulated and excited me, as I was going back home within, after losing it temporarily. It took me three months to climb the ladder to the top.

Back to me! Yay!

I began to socialise more, interacting with supportive friends on a one-to-one basis to retain my energy levels, and whilst partying as well! Enjoying musical gatherings, I would take part in free flow dance – which is the language of the soul. Meditation is a regular in my schedule.

Last year November, I had my check-up and all was clear. And with that, the circle joined itself and my next cycle of life began!

Simone Burke, of the Sim-ONE Way, is a spiritual and transformational counsellor, guided meditation facilitator of courses and workshops, and healer in various spiritual modalities.

MEET OUR EXPERT – Simone Burke

Simone Burke, of the Sim-ONE Way, is a spiritual and transformational counsellor, guided meditation facilitator of courses and workshops, and healer in various spiritual modalities.