New Frontiers – Mar/Apr 2017

Hello Buddies,

I am writing this from London (cold and rainy), wishing I had my ‘umbrella’ – read about the importance of oncology care, and the insights of our clever oncologists highlighting how medicine has changed over the decades.

I watched the movie Doctor Strange on the plane and was very taken by how easy life directions can change, and the power of the mind. Throughout this issue, from the powerful words of our Super Survivors to our On The Chemo Couch feature, I am struck by the concept of the brilliant breakthroughs we have seen in treating cancer from diagnosis – dense breasts – to surgery and oncology. Furthermore, there has been an addition of another dimension of care (navigation, survivorship and nutrition).

Get your hands on the mag; gift it to a friend; encourage advertising of this wonderful source of holistic knowledge. Keep warm, and embrace the changes in cancer care no matter how ‘strange’.

To misquote The Ancient One from Doctor Strange to when we see the decades of change in cancer care. “We are looking at the world through a keyhole, whilst trying our whole life to widen that keyhole. To see more. To know more. And now on hearing that it can be widened, in ways we can’t imagine, we must not reject the possibility.”

Your Buddie for Life

Prof Carol-Ann Benn