Oct-Nov 2022: I define me

 Welcome to our Oct/Nov issue and as we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our theme is I define me so remember “My past has not defined me; destroyed me; deterred me or defeated me; it has only strengthened me.” 

When it comes to cancer, our Super Survivors inspire as they define themselves, “I can choose to let it define me; confine me; refine me; outshine me or I can choose to move on and leave it behind me.”

Let’s look at what’s in the mag. 

We can never have enough articles on Knowing your subtype of breast cancer; the quote “Don’t be so easily defined” applies here. So, read as we (multi-disciplinary team) get smarter at subtyping and treating on how cancers behave. 

Read about Radiotherapy in breast cancer: what you should know as there is so much misperception about this important treatment modality. Remember “Perception is a wave. You change as your perception of something changes because you define yourself as a reflection of whatever you happen to perceive.” 

A healthy lifestyle is always important and defining this is difficult and individual so believe in your dreams (of exercise and healthy eating…a daily challenge) and define yourself endlessly. Be yourself; but always better yourself. 

I defined The nipple – the signature of the breast and the issues that may arise. 

Finally, “Don’t let the world define you; your definition only needs to resonate with yourself.” “Follow your own star!”

Your Buddie For Life
Prof Carol-Ann Benn

Cover by LuciaB Photography | Facebook @luciabphoto


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The theme for the Oct-Nov issue of Oncology Buddies is I define me. 

Word For Word Media are proud to present a new navigational concept, The 2022 Big Survivor’s Guide, to assist you, the patient, through the strenuous times and guide you through all the humps and bumps and prepare you with the many questions you need answered. Let’s walk and talk through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.