PROUD to wear PINK

The 2014 Cape Argus was a highlight for many cyclists. Some of us rode the event for the first time, while other cyclists celebrated their 21st Argus cycle tour. 

It all started back in 2009 when we, “the Buddies Cycling Team” rode the first 94.7 cycle challenge with 15 volunteers and here we are today….

The Pink Peddlers also celebrated some new highlights with the 2014 Cape Argus Cycle Tour. Being appointed as one of the official Charities that use the Cape Argus for fund raising and awareness campaigns we were able to field no less than 54 cyclists in the Pink Peddlers Champions cycling group. We had no less than 38 men and 16 female cyclists that rode this year’s Cape Argus cycle tour. We are also pleased to advise that one of the ladies is a breast cancer survivor.

The BHF Pink Peddlers charity group started at 09H28. Our stream of Pink flew out from the starting shoots to commence on their journey around the Cape Peninsula in the largest timed cycle race in the world and around some of the most scenic views in South Africa.

The atmosphere at the Cape Argus is an unbelievable experience; few races hosted in South Africa have this kind of support and engagement by the public. Cyclists are cheered all the way around the route even in some of the most remote locations. It is almost impossible to explain in words what emotional support and encouragement cyclists receive on their journey around the route and in places like Suikerbossie where you need every breath to push you up the last hill before the finish.

All the Pink Peddlers that started the race finished it in cheering style and I’m happy to say that have all made us proud to wear the BHF Pink Peddlers cycling colours.

This year’s Pink Peddlers were from all areas in SA, various occupations and different reasons for participating in the event, one thing is for sure they all commented on the unbelievable experience they had, and how the public continuously cheered them on route in the Pink Peddlers cycling gear.

Our participation in the Argus event will grow and so will the number of cyclists wanting to ride for the awareness of breast health and the benefits of healthy breast regime.  Yes… ,all the guys offered to do free mammograms on route, still have not received any confirmation about such an inspection… they may have been too shy to get off their bikes with all the shouting.

One thing is for sure that when you ride in the Pink Peddlers group you not only display the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the benefits of regular exercise and annual medical exams, you also receive the support and encouragement for supporters in the same manner the Breast Health Foundation, Bossom Buddies and Bro give its members and family diagnosed with breast cancer, and most of all that as the Pink Peddlers achieved their finish goal, so can you also overcome and beat your challenge…

We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every Pink Peddler that rode in this year’s Cape Argus race with such commitment and spirit of good will for our charity, creating awareness regarding the importance of our cause and those whom have assisted to raise of R19,000.00 towards BHF projects. Thank You again and see you next year at the 2015 Cape Argus race.

More details will be displayed on the websites.

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