Quantity vs. Quality

Oh what a mighty question that is! What is more important in your life, quality or quantity? I think it all boils down to personal preference. Though, this question is one that certainly presents aspects of life by which we need to choose.

With breast cancer or any other cancer, for that matter, we all know the one decision we have to make is chemotherapy, radiation and adjuvant therapies versus no therapy at all. Of course, it will be recommended that these treatments be done, but in some cases you do need to ask…am I curable or treatable?

Everyone is treatable, but not all curable. Which would you choose then: quantity of time or quality of remaining life? A tough question indeed, but let’s hope if you are reading this article, you have reached a decision that is comfortable and attainable for you to have the best quality of your quantity of time.

No matter what your choice is, exercise is going to be beneficial, and since it’s summer (Hooray!), let’s look at what exercise you could do while on holiday.

If you are near a beach

Quite a few of us enjoy the beach, and there we can easily engage in swimming or walking. Please remember to use plenty of sunscreen because burnt skin will hinder, if not totally cancel out, your treatments, especially radiation and reconstructive surgery.

If you are near a swimming pool

You could also choose to swim elsewhere, like in a swimming pool, or you could join a group class, such as water aerobics, or exercise with a therapist doing aqua therapy. Swimming will improve your range of movement (ROM) and will develop your strength after surgery, as well as pump your heart in turn feeding your organs and muscles. Swimming is also an exercise that decreases the stress on your joints.

Green therapy

Walking can be done anywhere, but perhaps you might also consider eco-therapy or nature walking (green therapy).

On these walks in nature, you can liberate yourself to attain closer contact with nature or Mother Earth, so to speak. This is a very good stimulant for releasing your deep feelings of stress and anxiety, which we know comes hand in hand with a breast cancer diagnosis and post diagnosis – dealing with the after effects of breast cancer.

Again, another precaution is to take the hills and slopes with consideration, especially if you do not hike or walk regularly. Sometimes an overuse of the glutes (buttocks), especially the gluteus medius, can lead to referred lower back pain. So once again, examine your quantity and quality choices. Not only in your choices of life, but also in your daily exercise regime. Choose wisely and go for it!


Heidi Wright is certified in Pilates Mat, Allegro, Studio and Post Rehabilitation with Polestar Pilates and Pilates elder Lolita San Miguel. She is also a member and certified instructor with Pilates Method Alliance and a Post Rehabilitation practitioner with Pink Ribbon.

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