Rebecca retires, but the fight continues

Rebecca Musi, a legend in the Breast Health Foundation team, has retired.

Rebecca, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of forty-nine, is known as a woman who tackled her fight against breast cancer with the same vigour as her struggle against Apartheid.

During a special farewell function in Parktown, Rebecca told attendees how being diagnosed with breast cancer affected her son’s schooling. He was in his matric year and his mother’s illness had a challenging effect on his final school year. Today he is not only a successful businessman, but plans to run his first Comrades Marathon this year. Some of the contributors to Buddies for Life, including Prof Carol-Ann Benn, Petra Laranjo and Louise Turner, CEO of The Breast Health Foundation, attended the farewell.

And, as many of the other attendees, they had to dry a few tears.

Today, Rebecca is a breast cancer survivor, and she travels around the world supporting other breast cancer survivors.

During treatment, Rebecca made a decision that after recovering, she will provide support to those going through the same challenging times in order to promote a positive mindset of survival, recovery and quality of life.

And that is exactly what she did as a staff member of the BHF. Although she is retiring, she assured Buddies for Life, her battle against breast cancer will continue in other forms.

“Rebecca has been a beacon of hope for many breast cancer patients, including myself when I met her in 2006. Her contribution has left a positive mark in our society. Her inspirational demeanour, passion and dedication to helping them has inspired many to follow. She is a matriarch and has left BIG shoes to fill,” said Louise.

Prof Benn, who has  known Rebecca since she was first diagnosed, and has been her treating doctor, wrote the following tribute:
She epitomises all that is good about Africa

She is the heart…the mother…..the beginning…

She has been with me by my side setting up Buddies

She has reached many through BHF talks

She laughed, cried and held us all

She stood her ground and fought not 1 but 2 cancers

She has been loud and vocal when needs be

She has remained silent and dignified when called for

This is a time for change but not the end

Adios and not Goodbye

My friend.


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