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There are countless articles, which offer great tools and how-to’s to navigate the complexities of human interactions and building better relationships with others. We’re so incredibly externally focused and prioritise building great personal, intimate, business relationships that, sometimes, we get side-tracked from working on our internal hierarchical needs and desires.

In short, your relationship with yourself shapes your relationships with others and forms the foundation of every aspect of your life.

I’m sure we can agree that fulfilling relationships don’t come automatically – there’s an investment in time and energy required – yet, how often do we relay this investment to our personal growth? Even in today’s progressive thought-system, ‘soft skills’ is still an area deemed for ‘women’s days’ and support-system training in the business world, but a visionary leader will understand the importance of developing their employees holistically – IQ but also EQ (emotional intelligence) skills development.

At the core of the Personal Purpose, Employee Engagement and ‘Find Your Beautiful’ programmes I facilitate, individual wholeness and connection with purpose are keys to personal and company growth, as well as client retention. The results speak for themselves when individual, team, departmental and company dynamics improve due to internal and external improvement in self-worth and relationships.

In my book, ‘LIVING ON PURPOSE, The Key To Change Your Life And Impact Others,’ I share the stories of fifty local and global life-changers and influencers and how they shaped their lives by identifying their core purpose and changing limiting self-worth, beliefs and habits. In one of the chapters titled, ‘I AM’, I share my personal journey of how, for many years, I unknowingly limited myself, relationship, career and growth because my relationship with myself wasn’t healthy – body, mind nor spirit.

If your relationship with yourself is not where it should be, no amount of (external) relationship how-tos is going to have longevity and notable impact. I’d like to share with you an excerpt from the chapter if I may?

“I AM . . .two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality.”

“For many years, I had serious body issues, which I carried (no pun intended) around with me for a long time. I thought there was something wrong with me because I was told, by a ‘loving’ partner, that if I was in better shape physically, it would be easier to show me affection and love. Seriously, he actually said that.”

“This damaged body image influenced so many parts of my life. I didn’t believe I was worthy of being loved, respected and honoured, so I accepted less than my worth and allowed myself to be bullied and undervalued at work— and I couldn’t figure out why this kept happening to me. I hated my body and she hated me right back—until I realised that dropping two dress sizes wasn’t the issue, it was that I had accepted someone else’s judgment as my own warped truth.

“The answer was hiding in the question all along. The simple truth was that because I believed it, I allowed it and accepted it wholly. I had to let go of the blame. It wasn’t only his fault – I CHOSE to accept his behaviour – others’ behaviour.

“The emotional pain I felt was a sign that something needed to change in my life. So thankfully, I finally snapped – in a most dramatic and grand manner! I decided that enough was enough and I called things off. I disconnected from the emotional abuse and body hatred and, miraculously, without even trying, my body let go of the ‘extra baggage’ within weeks.

“This is why body image is so important to me. It’s not about being skinny. It’s about knowing that you are worthy of being your best and looking after your body – it’s the most precious commodity that you own. It’s about being a whole person, because it’s only then that you’ll be able to truly live.”

As an image specialist, speaker and coach, I work with thousands of individuals and companies in inspiring and liberating confidence on a personal level, and accelerating business growth by maximising employee image (internal and external) and self-worth.

Transformations like the ones below spur me on in my quest. This is the ‘WHY’ in my career path #LivingMyPurpose.

“Dear Petra, you have brought out the best in me, not just the stylish clothing but my whole attitude. I am a happier, more confident woman and you have helped me along on that path. So here I am, the new stylish me walking with pep in my step, head held high and a smile on my face and receiving rave reviews from my superiors and executives on how absolutely fabulous I look. I’ve started feeling wonderful about myself again, thank you.”  – Cindy, Head of Department (HOD), American Tower Corporation

So today, I encourage you to F.L.Y. -First Love Yourself – and everything else will follow! May you always live your authentic truth and honour the reason for which your soul was put on this earth for.

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