Relationships – Nov/Dec 2017

How fast this year has passed? I am not sure if it is just as I get older that time seems to run away; I think of that Jacque Brel song, Carousel. Though, it does make me more aware of the value of friendships and relationships.

I so enjoyed our Super Survivor story that shows: true friends don’t judge our decisions, but stand next to us on the three-legged race of life. A saying comes to mind, “Three things you cannot recover in life: the word after it’s said, the moment after it’s missed, and the time after it’s gone.”

The importance of Telling children their parent has breast cancer comes down to listening and communicating. Time spent with family is worth every second. Also, another aspect of a relationship is understanding a partner’s stress when faced with an illness. Thank you, Inge.

Complementary therapy – that fourth-dimension concept to us trained in conventional medicine – features as   well as my fourth favourite food group (chocolate).

I am so pleased to see our superbly functioning government clinics promoted. Yes, you can get excellent care in the public sector; it just may take a little more time.

And, in the hot summer months we need to be ‘sun careful’. More importantly, recognise when ‘once upon a time a mole became not what it seems’.

Take time to make your soul happy; remember as the year draws to a close that time is not measured by clocks but in moments.

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