Self Esteem requires a good foundation

Cancer survivors’ experiences of having lost their “perceived beauty”, as well as any pronounced change in their bodies  – either in energy levels, emotions and, most certainly, appearance (which can be seen by the whole world) – often result in feelings of loss or grief.

To support them during this trying time Look Good … Feel Better offers two-hour complimentary workshops during which appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment are addressed using skin care and make-up.

Dry and sensitive skin is really an understatement for what many patients experience. Other challenges may include uneven skin tone, acne, raised acidity levels, photosensitivity, pigmentation and flushing – or a sallowing of the complexion. Foundation is the ideal cosmetic to address all of these issues!

Hints and tips:

• Use products that contain no more than 10 ingredients; the fewer ingredients in a product, the less likely it is that the product will cause a problem.

• Opt for a moisturizing foundation with an SPF factor of 15+ or higher. However, do not rely on SPF factors in foundations for protection. Always apply sunscreen SPF 30+ on all exposed body parts as well.

• Acidity levels of the skin change the shade of applied foundations. You may need to use a different shade for the time being.

• Avoid oil-free or “mattifying” products as they dry the skin even more.

• Foundations containing “anti-aging” ingredients may be too harsh for sensitive skin.

• When choosing a liquid foundation, look for one with a silicone base as these do not cause acne, and silicone has a very low incidence of skin irritation.

• Foundation is the ideal product to address uneven skin tone. Opt for two foundations to match both lighter and darker areas on your face. Apply the lighter base in the center of your face where the skin is pigmented and darker foundation on the contours where it is lighter. Merge the shades gradually with a wet sponge.

• Pay closer attention in the T-zone – around the nose, chin and cheekbones – to give a flawless finish.

• For better coverage in problematic areas, use a concealer.

• If your treatment is causing a pinkish flush use yellow-toned shades which will neutralise the flushing.

• If water-based foundation dries out before its expiration date, simply add a few drops of alcohol-free skin toner and shake to mix it up.


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