Sept/Oct 2018 – Fight like a girl

When I look at the fabulous cover, the Muhammad Ali quote: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” comes to mind. The butterfly represents survivorship (and gardens; Dr Kriel has started an amazing initiative, based on an excellent study, looking at how gardening improves survivorship. What an amazing spring and summer project!) 

The butterfly also represents, to me, navigation. As it flits from flower to flower. Each patient being a different flower – beautiful with her own fragrance, and some like me…with thorns. 

The bee sting represents…possibly cancer; the biopsy (read about the different types). The production of propolis – let’s look at health and gut probiotics. 

And the fight – our Super Survivors who make the inspirational quote “Don’t count the days, make the day’s count” a reality. 

Buy a mag; advertise and contribute to this amazing initiative that salutes our tenacious patients.

Your Buddie for Life  

Prof Carol-Ann Benn

Cover Photo by Chantal Drummond Photography  |  [email protected]  |

Make-up by: Chris Williams – Estée Lauder

Body painting by: Image Alchemy

Body paint sponsored by: Kryolan

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