Skincare and make-up ideas for mature skin

As the years roll by it becomes more and more necessary to look after one’s skin, and especially if one is undergoing cancer treatment.

Older skin is naturally drier and more sensitive than younger skin. But while undergoing cancer treatment dryness (flakiness) and sensitivity are common side effects. For this reason it is important to follow a good daily skincare regime.

It is preferable to use an oil-based eye make-up remover, except if one has watery eyes, in which case avoid any liquid from seeping into the eyes by using a cleansing wipe instead. Use milk cleansers and alcohol free toners and avoid exfoliators which exacerbate the dryness and sensitivity of your skin.

Age-defying products should also be avoided as the ingredients found in these products can be too harsh for sensitive skin. Night creams are ideal for use day and night as they are more nourishing than a day cream. However, they do not have SPF and it is essential to apply an effective sunscreen, at least SPF 30.

Eye creams should be used at night as they are nourishing, whereas eye gels are better used during the day to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. However, use these products sparingly to avoid further puffiness beneath the eyes. To improve puffiness, gently massage under your eyes towards the temple to assist with lymph drainage.

Make-up plays an important role not only in enhancing features, but also in protecting the skin. Often thin veins beneath the skin become more apparent and so a good concealer can work wonders. To conceal flushing, apply a green based concealer very lightly and gently on the cheeks before applying foundation.

An orange concealer can be used to combat sallowness.

Your eyebrows may become sparse and can be effectively ‘shaped’ using a soft light brown or grey pencil, or matt brown or grey eye shadow.

More mature skin tends to lose its natural healthy glow. Use a cream blusher to counter this as it can make a huge difference.

Choose moisturising, light lipsticks. Older lips tend to lose their natural definition so this is when a lip liner comes in handy but do not fill in lips with the lip liner, as it will have a drying effect.

For further information, tips and tricks, while undergoing cancer treatment, attend a Look Good Feel Better Workshop. Contact us on 

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Quick and easy, tried and tested: massage techniques that will pick you up!
  1. Against stress lines/folds on the forehead – Cross your right hand over your forehead placing your index and middle finger on your left temple. Do the opposite with your left hand. Move the fingers across your forehead by applying slight pressure. Repeat.
  2. Calming and relaxing; helps with headaches – Place your index and middle finger of each hand on to your temples. The right hand on the right temple and the left hand on the left temple. Do small circular movements whilst applying slight pressure. Repeat.
  3. Takes away pressure on the head and relaxes the eye area – Place the tips of the middle fingers next to the bridge of the nose. Apply slight pressure; release and move fingers over eyebrows, around the eye and along the orbital bone back to the starting position. Stop and apply slight pressure again. Repeat.
  4. Relieves stress, pressure and tension in neck and shoulder area – Place the index, middle and ring finger of each hand behind the ear; apply pressure moving downwards towards your neck. If you have reached the bottom of the neck, apply pressure to the shoulder area to the count of five. Repeat, starting behind the ear again.
  5. Relaxing and good for the nose area – Press your index and middle fingers of each hand against the bridge of the nose. Glide down the nose over the cheekbone to the temples. Lift the fingers and repeat.
  6. Ensures relaxation during stressful times – Place your thumbs on the temples. All other fingers get placed on the forehead touching each other. Apply slight pressure and move fingers over the entire head to the back of the neck, whilst the thumbs remain on the temples. Release fingers and start at forehead again.


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