Style tips for dressing well this autumn

As much as I prefer summer time, autumn brings with it countless opportunities to snuggle – be it with your partner, children, pets or in layers of moreish fabrics! 

At a cocktail party of seasons, autumn is the luxurious, earthy and down-to-earth host. Autumn gracefully welcomes you in and makes the formal introductions to winter and her frosty sisters.

Because of South Africa’s temperate climate, the transition from summer to autumn to winter melds into each other, effortlessly at times. This means that 80% of your wardrobe, assuming you have the correct basics, will span over all four seasons.

• I highly recommend keeping your innermost layer of clothing lightweight. A summer vest can be worn under a cardigan and with a jacket over that. This way you can gradually peel away the layers as the temperature rises throughout the day.

• I’m not a fan of families dressing identically but, if styled like the Beckhams, it can look unifying and sophisticated. Instead of copying each garment, pick a focal point in terms of a colour, a texture, a mood etc. For example, wear dark blue jeans with hues of cranberry colours. Each family member can wear an entirely different clothing item in a shade of the selected colour along with his or her dark blue jeans or denim jacket. Get the picture? It’s simple and not contrived – just cheeky.

• Typically autumn colours are rich and warm. Think stewed fruit, hot sticky toffee pudding with molten caramel, custard, hot cocoa and gluwein. Yum. Now focus on these colours and wear them.

• Textures. Choose juxtapose jerseys and knits with smooth and sleek coated cottons or leather. Contrasting textures break up monotonous landscapes and your personal canvas is the same.

• Metallic accessories in bronzes, coppers and golds will add that bit of radiance. This can come in the form of a chunky watch for dad and son and additional jewellery for mom. A little girl can have metallic clips in her hair, bows on her shoes or small studded earrings.

• Keep spare jerseys and jackets in the boot for mom, dad and the kids. Keep the colours neutral for mom and dad, as they’re more versatile in case of emergencies. A denim jacket is a great versatile clothing item for day and night and adds that extra bit of protection and warmth.

• When my neck is warm my body temperature increases by a couple of degrees, so I always have a scarf in the car as well. At this point you may think that I have an entire wardrobe stashed in my car and you wouldn’t be wrong. Being prepared keeps me happy and comfortable. One scarf, which can be worn by any member of the family, will do as a start.

• To keep your boot and car neat, roll these items up individually and pop them into an easily accessible bag, like a Woolies shopper bag. It is easy to get to and easy to see, which means you’ll remember to keep it stocked.

I hope that these few points have helped you as your family prepares for autumn and the joys the season has to offer. May you live light and stylishly.

Written by Petra Laranjo Hourquebie

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