Top 10 movies about cancer

We asked our Facebook fans to share their favourite movies about cancer. So, get your popcorn ready and, to be safe, have a box of tissues on hand.

My Sister’s Keeper

Anna, a young girl, seeks a lawyer’s help to earn medical emancipation from her parents when they force her to donate organs, blood and tissue to her leukaemia-stricken elder sister and help her live.

The Fault in Our Stars

Two cancer-afflicted teenagers, Hazel and Augustus, meet at a cancer support group. The two of them embark on a journey to visit a reclusive author in Amsterdam. 

Miss You Already

A woman, Milli, undergoes treatment to battle breast cancer while her best friend, Jess, tries to get pregnant.

Sticky Notes

A dancer on the verge of success must make a heart-wrenching decision when she is forced to choose between the greatest opportunity of her young career or taking care of her ill father.


Zach realises his cancer has spread and he has very little time to live. Being passionate about music, he decides to launch an album, unaware that it will turn into a viral sensation.

Irreplaceable You

When Abbie is diagnosed with cancer, she embarks on a humorous mission to find a new love for Sam, her fiancéand best friend since childhood

A Walk To Remember

After some time, Jamie decides to tell Landon that she has leukaemia and the treatment is no longer working. Landon is heartbroken but, stays by her side even building her a telescope.

Life in a Year

When 17-year-old Daryn learns his girlfriend is dying, he sets out to give her a lifetime’s worth of experiences in the year she has left to live.

All My Life

Jennifer and Solomon are a newly engaged couple who are ready to start their lives together. But when Solomon is diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, their hopes for a wedding become impossible. 

Kiss and Cry

An 18-year-old figure skater makes medical history in her battle against a rare type of sarcoma.