Two hours

Two hours…That’s all the time it takes to put you back in control of the way you look.

Look Good… Feel Better teach ladies techniques that will help to restore their appearance and self image during chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and after surgery.

At our hands-on workshops ladies are provided with a free kit, containing various skin care and make-up products, to assist them in developing the skills required to address the changes to appearance that occur during treatment.

Changes can include:

• Changes in skin tone. The skin may become sallow, tanned, or reddish-looking during treatment, and may develop blotchiness and other pigmentation changes.

• Visual distortions or watery eyes.

Ladies may develop facial “puffiness” due to fluid retention, and lose or gain weight.

• Dry skin is the most common complaint. Patients may also experience an oily skin, flaking or peeling.

• Hair thinning or complete hair loss. This may include eyebrows and eyelashes.

• Skin acidity can change the shading and absorption of foundation.

• Nails may become brittle, discoloured or very thin

Taking Control


While on treatment your skin is extremely delicate and needs to be treated gently and touched as little as possible. Products for delicate and sensitive skins are best advised.


First remove any eye make-up with a product specially designed to dissolve mascara whilst respecting the particularly sensitive eye area. Use a new cotton wool pad for each eye to avoid cross-infection.

Gently applying a cleansing cream or lotion with your fingers will cleanse the face and neck removing make-up and pollution. Gently remove with a tissue or cotton wool pad. Avoid using a foaming cleanser as this can be too drying.

Finish with a cotton wool pad, dampened with alcohol-free skin tonic or toner, to leave the skin feeling fresh. If eyes are puffy, strained or tired – place fresh cotton wool pads soaked with toner on the eyes. Leave for a few minutes AND relax!


Apply to face and neck often to prevent dryness and to create a smooth surface for make-up. Pat gently onto the skin.

Eye Zone

To nourish the skin around the delicate eye area apply eye cream. Use your ring finger to gently pat it into the eye-bone area. Do not apply to eyelids. Eye cream’s deep moisturizing action helps to eliminate fine lines and diminishes dark circles and puffiness. Eye cream can also be applied to very dry lips.

Avoid Exfoliating Creams and Masks

Looking good through my treatment has helped me stay positive. It’s a way of saying to my children, and to myself, that I’m going to be OK. – Linda Ressell, Cancer Survivor

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