Tymeless Hair & Wigs

Tymeless Hair & Wigs has opened its doors at Rosebank Medical Centre in Gauteng.

Tymeless Hair & Wigs, founded by entrepreneur Rani Chetty, was born out of necessity to help hair loss sufferers regain their confidence. 

It’s entire product line, designed to be fitted and worn without clips, combs or messy glues, assists those struggling with hair loss from cancer, alopecia and other medical conditions.

Services offered

Tymeless Hair & Wigs boast another first: the introduction of using your own hair or that of your family members’ hair to make your own customised wig. 

They also specialise in pre-cut, pre-styled, ready-to-wear wigs. A professional stylist is onsite to assist with fitting, styling and cutting, according to your facial features.  

 To eliminate the worry of your wig or hairpiece shifting, Tymeless Hair & Wigs offers ‘stay put’ products. These remain comfortably on your head for up to six weeks, while your own roots are treated with strengthening serums.

During this period, the wig hair can be washed and styled as if it’s your own hair. After six weeks, it’s reconditioned (cleaned and serviced by Tymeless Hair’s professional hair stylist). Your scalp is re-treated, and the wig is stuck back on. 

Tymeless Hair & Wigs founder, Rani, explains, “Although our cancer clients need different services, their underlying needs are much the same: to be treated with respect and dignity; to feel good about their appearance; and to be pampered now and then. While a massive emphasis is placed on beating cancer, feeling confident is an important part of cancer care and treatment. Hair loss can affect a person’s mental health, elevating stress, anxiety, and reducing quality of life. There are many cancer survivors who are bald with pride and poise. Bald is beautiful! But for those who don’t feel beautiful when bald, we want to assist you.”

About the products 

All products are sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured goods. Mainly from Chennai, India, their supply of virgin hair (chemically unprocessed) from the temples where tonsuring (cutting or shaving the hair on the scalp, as a sign of religious devotion) is a traditional practice.

Due to the wigs made from natural hair, they can be colour treated, re-styled, shampooed and conditioned.

Four types of wigs are offered: Silk Base with Lace Top, Silk Base, Mono Filament Full Lace, and Mono Filament. To read more about these wigs, visit www.tymelesshair-wigs.co.za


How important is the initial consultation?

It’s important to get to know our clients, to know what treatment they’re currently undergoing and to help with their specific need.

Based on their requirements, we can offer them personalised bespoke hair wigs or any other scalp products. 

How does using your own hair to create a wig work? 

If the client’s hair is long enough (min length of 20cm), we would encourage them to come to our salon to cut their hair before they start with their cancer treatment.

We use the client’s own hair in front of the wig, to give them the touch and feel of their own hair. It takes about 10 peoples’ head of hair (approx. 300g) to make one wig.

Human hair fillers are then used to make the wig into a bouncy piece of hair, based on the client’s requirements. 

Tymeless Hair & Wigs is situated on the second floor of The Zone (new phase), 177 Oxford Road, Rosebank.