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We cannot be too comfortable under our current circumstances, how good they may seem, because as life is, they will not last. Life is a composite of transient moments; moments of wondrous joy and moments of utter despair, with a recovery phase in between. We know not the duration of each phase and therefore we should make good use of especially the favourable moments. But do we? 

We as humans have this tendency that while in the moment of comfort we reflect on the past or build a future image of all the possibilities that could mar this moment. Why is it so difficult to embrace this moment, this interlude, this stroke of light and incorporate it in our lives?

Have we no trust left in life, is it because we are exposed to the world’s chaos on a global scale via the mass media that we partake in happily, or is it that we have become witnesses to a multitude of injustices happening around us? Does this exposure to the anguish of others make us feel better about our own suffering? Suffering is part of life. We don’t have to feel it is happening (to us) because we personally made the wrong move, or did not make the right decision at the right time. Or the most favourable one – we are getting punished for something. Yes, of course there are those incidences when we do make imprudent decisions. In reality, however, when we do experience suffering, we tend to think something is wrong. But instead there is nothing new to it, it has been happening to people from the beginning of time.

But we do shoot ourselves in the foot repeatedly. When we are caught up in a moment of light, we fear for that moment to end. What will follow? And we go forth and expand on the likelihoods we may be confronted with. This might be the reason why it is so hard for us to stay; we ready ourselves for the unknown while still in the known.

Perhaps we should view life as falling apart and coming together again on a recurring circuit. Or alternatively see it as a road forever under construction with many Stop-and-Go signs. And when the Go sign comes up, please take full advantage of it and try to cover as many kilometres as is possible under the prevailing conditions. Make it a ride to remember!

Written by Dr Magda Rall.

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